Edson Devila to Corina Rivadinera for her slim figure: "I thought she was standing on her hands when she came in" Frantula NNTC |  People

Corina Rivadenira visited the “America Hoy” set this Thursday and talked about how she is preparing for the finals; However, his new figure attracted a lot of attention.

After Corina appeared on the set, Ethel Bozo, Janet Barbosa and Melissa Paradis pointed out that Mario Hart’s wife was very thin. “Do you dress like that when you dance?” Said Gisela Valcarcel’s daughter. “You’re divine, royal. You look like a Barbie”, Melissa added. “Dancing, stress. I recommend moms to dance, look at me”, Corina replied.

However, ‘Giselo’ expressed an unexpected and unanimous opinion about the origin of the model. “She’s beautiful on TV. Yes. I thought she was handcuffed when she came in. Being thin is one thing, malnutrition is another.” Commented Creates laughter from Corina and others.

“I’m still healthy”, The participant of the Gisela Valcárcel program responded immediately, and then see how she feels before the end of the “Renault del Show”.

“I was in second place last season with a lot of desire to take the crown, I tried so hard, now they invited me to this new‘ Queen of the Show ’and it was a new opportunity, I almost got to the finals because I wanted that crown I’m not going to let anything go wrong. “, He pointed out.

Corina Rivadenera and her slender character

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Gisela Valcárcel’s new technical failure actually obscured Corina Rivadaniera’s explanation

Gisela Valcárcel's new technical failure actually obscured Corina Rivadenira's explanation
Gisela Valcárcel’s new technical failure actually obscured Corina Rivadaniera’s explanation Nothing
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