Tenants in the C -te d’Ivoire-Notre-Dame-de-Grace metropolitan area of ​​Montreal could lose their homes after being threatened with eviction by their building manager.

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In all, 40 families on Boret Avenue have condemned the unacceptable situation, claiming it was intimidating.

Some of these tenants told TVA Nouvelles on Saturday that their landlord had appealed to the administrative housing tribunal for unfair reasons and was acting in bad faith.

A tenant said he received a meeting notice because he paid $ 10 late.

For many of these families, this is the second time the COGIR asset management company has sent them such a notice.

In January, the company said several tenants would have to vacate their homes and pay them in return. She backed away, but a new wave of evictions ensued.

City Councilor Marvin Rotrand also condemned the situation.

According to him, these tenants of immigrant descent are the most vulnerable in this kind of situation and this will be a growing problem in the industry.

The councilor explained that landowners often use these inquiries to evict their tenants in an administrative housing tribunal and then raise rent.

And because many tenants are unaware of their rights, many of them do not appear at trial, which makes it easier for the landlord.

“Because of that we lost a lot of affordable homes in the area. We urge Quebec to act,” Marvin Rotrand said in an interview with TVA Novelles.

Tenants believe the so-called threat will stop them from their property management company because it will be harder for them to find homes at the same price.

TVA tried to contact the Nouvelles property management company, but was unsuccessful.

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