Unrivaled Christian Bale?  We pick the best Batman movie ever

Only in the last few decades did we get a whole lot of actors playing Batman. After all, we’re talking about one of DC’s most famous heroes, so it’s no wonder that there have been numerous attempts to take him to the big screen. Moreover, there was never a shortage of people willing to impersonate him – the mantle was worn by the greatest movie stars, who never brought shame to their names.

However, it is worth considering which one was the best. Which of the two actors decided to make the best Batman movie ever? As I mentioned, they all have an indisputable talent, so the competition between leaders can be (and is) very intense. Without further ado, I encourage you to remember the top names who impersonate the Batman and decide which one stole your heart the most!

Maybe Adam West?

Let’s start with a talented actor who sadly passed away five years ago. Personally, it’s hard for me to judge the films themselves, because from today’s perspective they are very old, and Adam West himself is more of Jack’s face to my dad than to me. However, great skill and definitely sound approach to this role is undeniable. He was the first to play a DC hero on such a large scale and… he definitely succeeded.

Or maybe Val Kilmer?

Perhaps the least relevant name on the list and the actor that people least consider to be “the best”. After all, he only appeared in Joel Schumacher’s “Batman Forever” and, in fact, did a worse job than Michael Joe, Jim Carrey or even Tommy Lee Jones. One can get the impression that despite the starring role, he is playing a secondary mission here. Personally, I would think twice before including it in such considerations. what do you think?

What about Michael Keaton?

I am tempted to say that without the exceptional performance of Michael Keaton, Pat producer Tim Burton would not have been so innovative and cutting-edge today. He is an actor who awakened the love of many people not only for Batman, but also for the comics themselves. A man who, despite many great roles, will forever be associated with an excellent performer as Batman. For me, decisive progress – I have no doubts about it.

Or maybe Ben Affleck?

The DC Extended Universe still has a lot to offer. Hence it is far from at least on par with the Marvel Cinematic Universe – both in terms of production quality and the profits it can make. Unfortunately, it greatly affects the reception of certain characters – including Batman, played here by Ben Affleck. The actor undoubtedly has a lot of talent, but he is not a magician – he will not conjure anything himself.

Or maybe Christian Bale?

For many of my generation, this is the actor that first comes to mind when you think of the Batman movie. This, of course, has to do with a certain cult with Nolan’s trilogy. This incarnation meshed astonishingly with the more popular comedic version of the character in terms of character – both in disguise and as Bruce Wayne. Christian Bale did what he always did – 110%.

Or maybe Robert Pattinson?

The incarnation of the last Batman movie was a huge success. It was actually just a success. It’s hard to find a lot of people who didn’t like what we got for Batman. Robert Pattinson did a great job, and despite initial misgivings, his grim, and, according to many outspoken, version turned out to be a bull’s-eye. It’s a slightly different Bruce Wayne, but still cool.

What about George Clooney?

Or maybe… no? With all due respect, Batman’s role with this actor was a major tear in his career. And it’s not even about how well he did on the screen, but how he performed in the 1997 film, where he played the main role. No, it definitely wasn’t the best Batman movie ever…


Judging by critics’ judgments, it should probably be settled between Pattinson and Pal. Just looking at the opinion of fans, we might be thinking between Keaton and West. If I look at Zack Snyder’s follower group, I’ll probably have to bargain between Ben and Affleck. This is exactly where we are now. It only leads to one conclusion.

The incarnations of Batman – despite the fact that we are talking about one character – are completely different from each other It is difficult to say unequivocally which one is better. Considering the names of the actors who played Gack, there is no doubt that he always ranks first in terms of screen skills. However, each will have a different type. A bit like the Joker – Joaquin Phoenix for some and Heath Ledger for others.

Personally I might bet on BellBut it’s just a matter of taste. And maybe some good memories? However, I’m curious to see what it would look like with you. Be sure to tell us which movie resonates with Batman the most. I leave the survey below and encourage you to vote – of course I am also waiting for your comments, because this is where you can justify your choice!

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