Zachary Levi’s Shazam from DC is controversial for Pfizer.  The words were commented on by DC Films President James Gunn
Yesterday’s much-anticipated announcement of what the DC movie universe’s new look will be like under Peter Safran and James Gunn has become the place to settle the debate over which actors have worked on the universe thus far. DC Films bosses have been caught in the midst of questions regarding, among other things, Zachary Levi and his online statements about Pfizer. The Guardians of the Galaxy director noted the reaction to Shazam’s words.

Zachary Levi v. Pfizer – Genesis of the Controversy

Controversy was sparked by Levy’s statement, which he posted on Twitter on Saturday night. The actor responded to a post by another user who wrote “Do you agree that Pfizer is a real danger to the world?“-“I definitely agreeThe star wrote back. He expanded his opinion in the following entry, attaching a link to a 2009 US Department of Justice statement that penalized Pfizer for illegally advertising some of the drugs from its offer. The $2.3 billion settlement was called the largest in the history of fines for companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Some users’ reaction was mainly to interpret the statement as actually referring to the issue of vaccines. The actor’s words were described as irresponsible, as they were not sufficiently accurate and devoid of context, opening up the possibility of such input being received in any form.

James Gunn for Levi’s lyrics

James Gunn was asked by a reporter while showing the new look of the DC universe to comment on the controversy Levi’s remarks had sparked. The director replied:Actors and directors that I work with will say things I agree with and things I don’t. It will happen anyway. I don’t have a list of opinions someone should make because of what I believe. I can’t change my plans all the time because some rep says something I don’t agree with“.

By the same token, if someone is doing something morally reprehensible, that’s an entirely different matter. We must take this into account. This is balance, this is the modern world, this is a different placeannounced the head of DC Films.

What future awaits Shazam in the new DC Universe?

During the presentation, Safran and Jean made it clear that the role of superheroes from the old DC films is not closed to the new universe. “If there is a need to somehow integrate these characters into new stories, there’s no reason why we can’tsaid the chiefs.

Shazam! The Wrath of the Gods, the second solo film about unruly teenager Billy Batson, is still awaiting its March premiere, who, after saying the magic word “Shazam!” Transforms into an adult superhero with the power of legendary characters. This time he will have to face the daughters of Atlas, who are Anthea (Rachel Ziegler), Hespera (Helen Mirren) and Calypso (Lucy Liu).

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