Eating at home to save money: “We completely changed our habits”

As the cost of living rises and many people choose to stop or limit going to restaurants, some restaurants are having to rethink how they attract customers.

Several people interviewed by TVA Nouvelles indicate that they have changed their consumption habits in recent months in terms of restaurants.

“It costs less to prepare food at home,” says a woman.

“I miss myself so much,” says one passerby. Usually I often go to the restaurant with my daughter, but now I don’t go there. When I went there recently, I paid $70 for just the two of us.

“We have completely changed our habits,” says another woman. We make chicken broth, we make our desserts.

This situation is forcing many restaurants to rethink their actions.

This is the case with Penny & Co. Restaurants, which focuses more on its economic offerings.

Elizabeth Penny, vice president of marketing and public relations, explains, “We’re even more fortunate to have loyal customers in our niche.” Thanks for the offers we keep them […] are available [à l’année] It is affordable whether you are alone or with your family.

“We are not increasing the number of promotions,” he adds. We focused a lot of our communications on the ads we already had. We highlighted them further.

Watch the full explanation in the video above

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