EA Sports UFC 5 looks surprisingly good!  The first gameplay of your career encourages you to play EA

Electronic Arts recently celebrated the successful premiere of EA Sports FC 24, and now the company is preparing for the debut of EA Sports UFC 5. Early gamers have already had the opportunity to check out the game and thanks to this we can take a look at pure gameplay.

Electronic Arts has shown EA Sports UFC 5 several times over the past few weeks, and the company decided to launch an extensive promotional campaign for the game, which included extensive video material – thanks to which we were able to see the details of the fighting system and its modes.

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So far, the company hasn’t decided on a bigger trailer for the game, but now we can check out the immaculate gameplay from the campaign, and we have to admit it. The gameplay is impressive. In the story, in the beginning, we will create our warrior and start fighting in humble places – those interested will have to make their way to larger arenas.

By defeating opponents, we gain money and fans and can also develop our skills. In the video you will see how well the new system of damage to the bodies of fighters works, and impressive replays are also shown – The authors slow down time at an important moment.

The campaign could be a great introduction to bigger fights – as we know, EA Sports UFC 5 features an “online career”, so the biggest fans of the game will be able to test their skills in fights with other UFC fans from around the world. the world.

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