Windows XP won’t last more than a dozen minutes in 2024;  Viruses literally eat him up

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May 20, 2024, at 13:26

Sometimes, it’s not worth sticking with your old but favorite operating system. Hackers are just waiting for an opportunity and can infect a computer that we do not use, as one Internet user proved.

Image source: YouTube; Eric Parker; 2024


New operating systems are not always very popular and some users keep what they know even when official support ends. Using Windows

Windows XP catches them all

The above-mentioned Internet user showed in his recording that Windows XP can fall victim to a hacker attack, even if we do nothing about it. He installed the operating system on a virtual machine and connected it to the Internet. He did not visit any websites or download any files. He left the computer running for a while and it didn’t take several minutes to see the first results.

Very quickly, a new user appeared, his access was password protected, and the program “conhoz.exe”, trying to pretend to be a Microsoft programBut instead of “Microsoft Corporation” in the description there was “Microsoft Assembly”. A quick check showed that the domain of the person downloading the program comes from the territory of the Russian Federation.

Eric Parker then installed Malwarebytes to scan the system. As a result, he discovered 8 more programs, but none of them were related to conhoz. After removing them and restarting the computer, the malicious application continued to run And it started blocking access to Malwarebytes. According to the YouTuber, if something like this happens to us, it is best to disconnect the computer from the Internet and reinstall Windows.

The attack on the computer running Windows XP occurred without the intervention of Eric Parker. Aside from installing Windows XP, it didn’t do anything that would theoretically expose the computer to attack. However, the old operating system itself is highly vulnerable to network attacks, and as you can see, all you need is access to the Internet.

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