Dudek: I will always be a Real Madrid fan.  I will do the same as Lewandowski

Dariusz Wołowski, Interia: A really difficult moment is coming. As a Real Madrid fan, you will have to cross your fingers on Barcelona’s goals.

Jerzy Dudek (Former Poland goalkeeper): – Despite everything, I still root for “Królewski”. Of course Robert too. However, wishing the team a win is one thing and another for a colleague and another citizen. In fact, it would not be comfortable for me. Let Lewandowski be at his best in Barcelona, ​​and when it comes to a head-to-head meeting with Real, he will probably understand me.

However, we have our first pole in Barcelona. Is this the right club for Lewandowski?

If I were Robert, I would have done the same. just before. He achieved everything at Bayern Munich. What else was he supposed to do? How do you motivate yourself? Barcelona is a brave move, proving Lewandowski’s ambition, still willing to develop and learn new things. In Munich, he will get stagnant, and Barcelona will give him a kick. It was the last call to change the club.

The danger is that Bayern is one of the European leaders, while the Catalans have been downhill for three seasons.

– It is known that Barcelona fell into huge debts, but it plays the role of punk. However, this is a huge club that, despite the financial problems, found funds for transfers. Spent more than 150 million euros. And it must be said that Ravenha, Konde, Lewandowski and the rest are very real reinforcements.

In the previous edition of the Champions League, Barcelona lost in the group stage. And now?

– Now he will return to the top five in the Champions League. Next to Real, Liverpool, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain.

When you were playing for Real, you were chasing Barcelona, ​​and now the opposite. “Property” again in the European and Spanish summits.

This race continues and will continue. I remember when Real was in trouble, Barcelona at the top and in the summer of 2009 Florentino Perez paid 260 million new players, which made the whole world, not only in football. Today, Barcelona is chasing, but it must be said that it is chasing wisely. CEO Joan Laporta has gone all the way in transfers, but these are well-thought-out investments.

How many goals will Lewandowski score in the next La Liga season?

– If he was 27, it would be a huge success for Robert. This means that he has reached the level of Karim Benzema. up top. After all, the Spanish league is stronger than the German league. Bayern outperformed German competitors more than Real in the first division. I don’t expect 40 goals from Robert, this is the number of goals scored by Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but it was cosmic and probably will never be repeated. Let Lewandowski score 25 league goals with Barcelona and everything will be fine.

Will Tiki Tok explore Barcelona quickly?

– He already had a replacement at Bayern Munich working with Pep Guardiola. He did. Now he should be able to handle it too. As long as you start correctly, it will be inclined. In pre-season during the US tour of Barcelona, ​​there was a feeling that Robert was feeling a lot of pressure, not playing freely. The atmosphere of farewell to Bayern Munich was still in the back of his head. and drifted. Meanwhile, the attacker is like a gunslinger: the more cold he gets, the better. In the United States, Barsi Lewandowski in matches resembles this striker from the early period in the Polish national team. He wanted to do the best, but he was losing his nature and the most important thing – potency.

Was there a war between Lewandowski and Bayern?

– Probably not. Agent Benny Zahavi may have played hard with the Bavarian chiefs. But he finally achieved his goal. So it worked effectively. Barcelona paid the price for this struggle, as it eliminated Robert as much as Bayern wanted. After a tour of the USA, Lewandowski returned to Munich and buried the battle axe. Bayern did a lot for him and he did the same for Bayern Munich. It’s time to separate from the class. It is the best for everyone. Recently, Robert was the biggest star of Bayern Munich, and it is difficult for club leaders to abandon such a player without a fight. What will Allianz Arena fans say about it?

The same who shouted to Robert in front of the “Hala Madrid” club?

– As we know, the blessing of a fan is riding a motley horse. Today you are a hero, tomorrow you are not. Lewandowski’s transfer aroused great feelings. This shows what Lewandowski is a footballer. The pressure will be enormous, only goals and Barcelona’s victories will relieve it. If all goes well, Robert will be carried in his arms. If it’s worse, they’ll say La Liga is too strong for him. Whatever they say, Lewandowski has to do his job. He knows how to do it. After all, it wasn’t easy at Bayern either. He entered the team with Remy and Robin. Then Lewandowski’s team made it.

So the new Barcelona will be Lewandowski’s team?

He has Xavi in ​​the squad of many great players. A talented and experienced young woman. Ansu Fati, Ferran Torres, Ousmane Dembele, Rafinha. Technically, this is higher than Bayern. Robert will have someone to play with and with whom to succeed. Barcelona will challenge the Real and is not without an opportunity. Certainly, the distance between the two big clubs will decrease.

You yourself lived life as in Madrid. How will Lewandowski adapt to Barcelona?

– I think it is. The heat and sun of Spain will serve the 34-year-old footballer. Robert and his family will enjoy Barcelona because it is a good place to live. It’s just that it will be in the background. The first will be the professional success of Lewandowski. His comfort will depend on it. After saying goodbye to Bayern Munich, Robert has to return to his bubble. Play your first games and score goals and all that stress will be reduced.

Interviewed by Dariush Wolowski

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