GTA Online is threatened by hackers again, a new dangerous exploit
Jan 24, 2023, 00:55

He’s getting louder about a dangerous exploit in GTA Online. Players are reporting broken codes and bans, and there are many indications that vulnerabilities in the network engine could be used for worse things.

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Rockstar Games has finally spoken out on the matter. Report the studio TwitterIt is aware of the issue and intends to address it in the next security update.

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yesterday we wrote of dangerous exploitation GTA Online, which, if used correctly, allows you to manipulate players’ statistics, damage their accounts, and even ban or permanently delete them. At first, the game fans recommended to secure a good firewall, but the new information shows that the situation is more serious than it seemed at first and it is better to stop playing for a while.

  1. Speydr, the author of the tool, should pay attention to the seriousness of the problem guardian Block network ports that GTA Online uses for matchmaking, thanks to which it is possible to play without random people and unwanted modders. According to him, the exploit is so dangerous that it can not only cause the loss of the account, but also lead to the deletion of files from our computer.
  2. Speyedra still protects against this exploit, but only when used properly. The risk of making a mistake is so great that the author Temporarily suspended Ability to download Guardian (if you still want to use it, you will download it from the mirror on our FTP).
  3. The fears of Schneider and the rest of the community are unfounded. Known by many fans, the player had the opportunity to find out Mutual walrus, which specializes in playing as an insurance agent on RP servers. Someone used this exploit for Harm His GTA Online account, which practically prevented him from continuing to play. In the end, it was fixed, but not thanks to Rockstar Games, but to another mod.
  4. other players Report About cases like someone maliciously adding 1 billion coins to someone else’s account, which resulted in a ban because the anti-cheat system determined that the affected user was cheating. on me GTA Online Reddit There is no shortage of desperate players who have lost months and sometimes years of progress.
  5. It also shows a lot Vulnerabilities in the game’s multiplayer engine could allow hackers to alter our disk, running unwanted programs on it, for example. So far, there are no confirmed cases of such actions, but they are possible, so perhaps their appearance is only a matter of time.
  6. What’s worse, the game’s multiplayer engine contains many of these vulnerabilities, so even if Rockstar studio patches the thing that allows this exploit, others will allow similar actions.
  7. The lack of any statement from the developers at Rockstar Games is also troubling. It remains to hope that the authors are already working on the fixes. GTA Online She is the goose that brings the golden eggs for this studio, so you really don’t have to worry about these vulnerabilities not being fixed. The only question is how long we will wait for corrections.
Hackers hit a new vulnerability in GTA Online, the first case is documented [Aktualizacja: stanowisko Rockstar Games] Illustration number 1

Image source: Twitter.

If you decide to play anyway GTA Online to benefit from guardian. Use it to enjoy a one-on-one session or only allow people whose IP addresses you know and can add to the list in this program as safe. You don’t open your session temporarily to everyone, which is common when we don’t want to register an IP – we open access for some time to let our friends join, but during this time unauthorized people can also get into the session. Therefore, until the vulnerabilities are patched, do not be lazy, because it may end badly.

  1. GTA Online – the official site

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