January 29, 2023


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Drake overtook the Beatles on the Billboard charts

Drake overtook the Beatles on the Billboard charts

It’s official. The Beatles topped the list of artists with the most songs in the top 5 of Billboard’s most popular songs.

Posted at 2:55 pm yesterday.

Stephanie Morin

Stephanie Morin

Canadian-born singer Drake has just set a new record: he’s seen one of his songs climb into Billboard’s top 5.e times of his career. The Beatles held the record for decades with 29 songs.

This is the room stay alive By DJ Khaled, it features Drake and Lil Baby, allowing the rapper to surpass the legendary Fab Four. The coin rose to 5e charted on the Billboard Hot 100 as of August 20

The success of stay alive It has allowed Drake to steal the top 10, Top 20, Top 40 and Top 100 titles since these charts came into existence in 1958. For ten years, the Billboard Hot 100, published by a specialized site, measures the popularity of songs by paying particular attention to recorded plays on distribution platforms.

Drake’s reaction on Instagram was minimal. Instead of congratulating The Beatles on their 55-year record, Drake noted that he had broken enough records for the month and invited his followers to visit cryptocurrency betting company Stock.

The last Beatles track had a Top 5 spot Long and winding road (with Blue for you on the B side) which spent two weeks at number one in 1970.

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