Director of the National Institute of Public Health, Dr. Grzegorz Juszczyk, when asked if we’ll get the fourth or fifth booster shot, said it was “very likely.” “We hope that taking a third booster dose will be sufficient protection against new variants,” he added. Dr. Hob also answered a question about whether isolation and closures help fight the virus.

The coronavirus pandemic and the novel variant of Omikron were among the main topics that Piotr Witwicki discussed with the Director of the National Institute of Public Health, Dr. Grzegorz Juszczyk in the program “Guest Events”.

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We are investigating how the Omikron variant affects the course of the epidemic. said the director of the institute. “The virus changes according to its biology,” he added. Dr. said. Hap. Grzegorz Juszczyk, then noted that “we don’t know if this will happen.”

The fourth and fifth booster dose. “probably”

– The director of the National Institute of Public Health said in the “Guest of Events” that the epidemic is beginning to resemble the course of a new infectious disease, which we will have to deal with for a long time.

Video: Doctor Love. Grzegorz Juszczyk in the program “Guest of Events”

Dr. Love. Juszczyk reassured that “vaccine manufacturers have already conducted analyzes and research to help prepare a new dose for the new variant.” “If it starts to spread and becomes more virulent, that is, it causes long distances, hospitalizations and death, then perhaps additional stimulant doses will be more frequent,” he noted.

When asked if we would get a fourth or fifth booster dose, he replied that it was “very likely” and added, “We hope that taking a third booster dose after two base doses of the vaccine will be sufficient protection against new variants.”

Is lockdown a good solution to fight the virus?

Dr. Love. When Grzegorz Juszczyk was asked whether isolation, closure or industry shutdown helps combat the virus, he replied that “closure and limiting social activity is an effective tool to reduce the spread of infection, especially in the initial stage, when the biology of this virus/bacteria is unknown as the mechanism its spread.” However, with the development of the epidemic, when many people have direct contact with the virus in addition to vaccinations, the level of herd immunity increases, this virus has a lower chance of an infected person being able to come into contact with someone who does not have individual immunity – he added.

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The director of the National Institute of Public Health stated that “according to our epidemiological research OBSER-CO, in the first half of September, the estimated level of immunity we achieved in Poland was 74 percent.” – It would seem that this will be enough, but it turned out that the data and observations in parallel showed that the level of immunity after vaccination decreases rapidly, so boosters will be needed – concluded Dr. Grzegorz Juszczyk.

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