Doctoral studies at the Nicolaus Copernicus Major School.  Registration continues until October 6

“The main objectives of the university are to educate new researchers and to carry out scientific research and development work” – are emphasized in the mission of the main Nicolaus Copernicus School, whose headquarters are in Warsaw, but individual faculties operate in different Polish cities.

The school combines the activities of five faculties, each of which teaches in one field practiced in the past by the university’s patron Nicolaus Copernicus:
– Astronomy and natural sciences in Toruń,
– Medical Sciences in Olsztyn,
– Economics and Management in Warsaw,
– Philosophy and Theology in Krakow
– Legal Sciences in Lublin.

The last one opened in mid-September.
The college aims to be an elite international doctoral school, conducting its own research “with the help of those who will grow in this school, who will pursue a doctorate.” – confirmed Przemyslaw Czarnik, Minister of Education and Science, who was present at the ceremony.

“The Nicolaus Copernicus Home School is a public university operating under the auspices of the Copernicus Academy. It is the only university in Poland offering programs co-created with scientists from world-renowned institutions such as Cambridge, Princeton, Oxford, Harvard, and NASA.

– confirms the “Comptroller”, which is the media sponsor of SGMK.

The university invites people who wish to obtain a doctoral or post-doctoral degree. Candidates can apply until October 6.

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