Defeated Michał Oleksiejczuk at UFC 272!  Dustin Jacoby defeated The Pole by decision

Michel Oleksieczuk Failed the party UFC 272 in Las Vegas. Pole was defeated by Dustin Jacobywho won by unanimous decision.

In his own style, Michel actively worked his legs and balanced his body. Pole tried to shorten the distance, but was fended off by Dustin. Oleksiejczuk willingly entered the middle distance and put pressure on his opponent. Jacobi hit a finger in his eye, and the fight stopped for a moment. After restarting, Jacobi hit with a short hook. Less than two minutes into the match, Oleksiejczuk intercepted the opponent’s leg, then scored a telescope. However, the American quickly rose up, and the fighting continued in a standing position. Michai has been actively working through the exchanges the entire time and has managed to find his way into Dustin’s jaw and body. In the end, Jacobi set out on the takedown, but his attempt only ended with a quick break under the net. Both players trade blows for blowing until the last seconds of the first scene.

Jacoby is off to a great start for the next part. Violated by the American Oleksiejczuk who fell on the boards under the pressure of his opponent. Michai was pushed into a deep defense, but was able to get up and continue fighting. Nevertheless, the Americans maintained the initiative and scored success in the coup. Dustin finally slowed down, Oleksiejczuk recovered and began hitting the Americans more and more. Jacobi went on to grab, but Michael reversed his stance, then tore the handle. Jacobi’s actions were slower and slower, while Oleksiejczuk remained fresh despite big problems at the start of the Tour. At the end of the scene Dustin Michael pressed into the net.

The two players continued the match standing also in the third round. Oleksiejczuk and Jacoby exchanged blows in the central part of the octagon. The duel stopped again after he hit an American finger in the eye. After he resumed, Jacobi launched his attack more aggressively. After a few successful hits, Dustin moved on to grab under the net. The shaft was pressed against the fence and was unable to tear the fist until the end of the duel. After three rounds of fighting for the verdict, the judges had to unanimously decide the American’s victory.

93 kg: Dustin Jacoby Domain Michał Oleksiejczuk by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Complete UFC results 272

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