Dinosaurs faced disaster in the spring.  This is suggested by new research by scientists

66 million years ago, life on Earth was flourishing, but one day a huge catastrophe occurred as a result of a huge asteroid collision with our planet. It fell near the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula and led to the extinction of many animal species, including dinosaurs.

The asteroid said a lot of damage Near the Tanis River. The shock wave erupted, among other things the fish and from their fossils the scientists decided to take a closer look at them. Research has shown that the disaster must have happened by then It was spring in the northern hemisphere.

Photo: During et al. (2022)

Paddlefish from Tanis before examination at the European Center for Synchrotron Radiation in Grenoble, France.

Careful analysis of fish fossils showed that their seasonality in spring is linked to the growth cycle. The study authors surveyed the remains using synchrotron X-ray imaging, non-destructive imaging and 3D reconstruction of the fossils.

An example of a ball formed by an asteroid colliding with Earth

Photo: During et al. (2022)

An example of a ball formed by an asteroid hitting Earth

Small balls of glass were also found in the gills of these recently appeared fish He also found a Chinese rover on the moon. They formed after the surface ruptured after the asteroid fell, and then turned into small, transparent balls when they fell.

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