Deputy Finance Minister: Inflation will peak in February and inflation reduction will begin in March

– Recession in terms of the annual indicator for 2023, in our opinion, will not happen. Right now, we expect economic growth to come in at 1%, which would be one of the best results for the year anyway. European Union. It will be the toughest year in this crisis, said Piotr Batkowski on Radio Plus on Wednesday.

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Cleansing? Deputy Minister of Finance: The beginning of the year will be difficult, but it will be better than March

The deputy head of the Ministry of Finance pointed out that the summit economic inflation Most likely in February next year. – The beginning of the new year will be difficult, it is always difficult. […] However, since March, we expect the phenomenon of deinflation, that is, lower inflation readings on an annual basis. The beginning of the year will be tough, but starting in March it will be even better […] – confirmed.

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– It seems that February will exceed 19 percent. economic inflation. Will it be 20 percent? – It’s hard to say at the moment. It will be a range between 19 and 20 percent, and it could be just over 20 percent. But for now as expected Ministry of Finance, this range would be 19 to 20 percent. Batkowski explained.

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Core inflation has gone up, but core inflation has actually fallen

Core inflation was 11.4% in November. National reported last week Bank polishing. This is the highest result since the beginning of 2001, since when NBP publish information about it. economic inflation Base showing growth the prices In the economy, excluding food and energy prices. It explains, among other things, how entrepreneurs change growth cost on the price of goods sold.

This indicator grew in Poland even in November, although this “core” measure of inflation (without any exceptions) decreased to 17.5 percent. compared to 17.9 percent. in October.

Core inflation is an important measure for economists. Excluding food and energy prices from the measurement gives a better picture of the processes taking place in the economy. It concerns, among other things the scale of transport Rising costs from businesses to consumers.

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