The son of Andrzej Seweryn is an actor.  Talk about his career

Andrei Ciorinwho immigrated to France in the 1980s and have three children. Daughters of Maria Soren from marriage Christina Ganda, the son of Yan and his third wife, Lawrence Bourdelle and Maximilian, the fruit of his fourth marriage to Mireille Maalouf. The youngest son of the actor followed in his footsteps. at “Good morning TVN“He talked about how his adventure with the theater began. When I was young, I did not think of being an actor, acting in the cinema or in the theater” – he said.

Andrzej Seweryn’s son, Maximilien Seweryn, is an actor

Maximilien Seweryn had a completely different idea of ​​himself. As a teenager, he joined a rock band, which affected his plans.

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– Tell.

The young actor graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Today, he has already performed in serials and films as well as on stage. He would like to play more in Poland. Soon we will see him in the movie Jan Holbeck.

– Revealed in “Dzień dobry TVN”.

Now, however, the film “Notre Dame on Fire” will be released in French cinemas, where Maximilien Seweryn will play one of the main roles. He will talk about the events related to the cathedral fire in April 2019. Its director is Oscar-winner Jean-Jacques Anod.

“This is one of the most important acting experiences of my life. It was physically heavy. First of all, we had to play on fire.” Some parts of the cathedral have been completely reconstructed. There are, for example, copper pipes in the beams – just like in the North Tower. Thanks to this, it was possible to ignite and extinguish the beams during firing. We played with live fire and the temperatures were over 100 degrees. Of course we were wearing a full firefighter’s suit.”

– Talk about this difficult challenge.

Andrzej Seweryn’s son also continues to imbue himself in music. He plays in the band Buffalo Clash. The group released their first album in March 2020.

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