Daoud Kobacki: Marta and I cried together.  I immediately wrote to Angela
  • Two weeks ago, Daoud Kobacki left Vikersund on an emergency because his wife had serious heart problems
  • Marta Kupaka fought for her life, and the jumper watched on as his wife and the mother of his two daughters. Fortunately, the situation has improved
  • – And most importantly, the meeting with St. Peter was postponed. At least for the next fifty years! David says
  • Kubacki also revealed their reaction to the gesture of Anże Laniska, who appeared on the catwalk at Planica with a lookalike of David.
  • More information can be found at Przeglad Sportowy Onet

Kamil Wolnicki: Did you look at Planica’s World Cup final or is that time where there’s nowhere to jump in your head?

David Kobacki: Marta and I watched not only the final, but all the competitions. Well, apart from that Saturday morning, because I was driving to the hospital at the time, so I just listened to what was going on on the road. Besides, we’ve seen it all.

I know what’s going on in your life right now is private, but I have to ask, how is Marta doing? Because you also know that her story moved all of Poland, but also the world of ski jumping.

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