Daniel Langlois was loved by all in Dominica

The deaths of Quebec businessman Daniel Langlois and his partner Dominique Marchand, whose bodies were found in a burnt-out car, have deeply shocked the people of Dominica.

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Known as a visual effects genius in Quebec, Mr. Langlois is also very involved in the Caribbean, where he runs the Coulibri Ridge, an eco-responsible hotel complex located near Soufriere in the south of the Caribbean island.

“He was seen as a very warm person, very social and kind […]. He was held in high esteem not only by the people of this community, but by the people of Dominica in general,” veteran Dominican journalist Carlisle Jno Baptiste told QMI Agency.

Quebecer contributed significantly to the reconstruction of the island after Hurricane Maria in 2017, but also invested in schools, which earned him a good reputation in Dominica.

“Daniel and Dominique were not just the owners of a hotel, they were full members of our community, known for their kindness, their love and their commitment,” Denis Charles-Pemberton, a representative of the Dominican parliament in Soufriere, was quoted as saying on Monday. Via the Dom767 info site.

The news of the couple’s death shook the nation. “People were in shock. There is a lot of anger in the community,” said Mr. Jno Baptist assured.

To date, four suspects have been arrested by police, including Jonathan Lehrer and Mr. Including his partner who lived on the Langlois estate. A chicken to access a public road may have been a motivation for the suspect, who has lived in Dominica for about twenty years.

Unlike his neighbors, Mr. Lehrer had a bad reputation. “People say Jonathan is not a social person. […] He is seen as a thug. He has big dogs and he lets his dogs go after people in the community,” said Jno Baptiste of Carlisle.

In Dominica, suspects arrested by the police must be held for 72 hours without charge before being released. So, depending on the progress of their investigation, authorities have until Wednesday to decide whether to file charges.

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