Crew-7 has launched to the International Space Station with another crewed mission by NASA and SpaceX

The flight was initially scheduled to take off on August 25, but the US agency reported a slight delay. Falcon 9 launch with Dragon capsule Moved to Saturday.

SpaceX has previously said that the Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon crew capsule are ready for launch. There were no technical problems that would have prevented the astronauts from launching. The Crew-7 mission crew was also well in advance of launch and ready to fly to the International Space Station.

The flight of the Crew-7 mission can be watched live on the Internet. They will share their own streams NASA agency and company SpaceX. Transmission occurs on YouTube channels.

Four people have flown to the International Space Station as part of the Crew-7 mission. The leader is a NASA astronaut Yasmine Moqbeli. They accompany her Satoshi Furukawa (Mission Specialist) from Japan’s JAXA Agency, Andreas Mogensen (pilot) of the European Space Agency and a Russian cosmonaut Konstantin Sergeevich Borisov (Mission Specialist). The four will spend several months aboard the International Space Station.

This is another manned mission to the International Space Station with the participation of astronauts who conduct research and various experiments on board in the name of science. In addition, they are responsible for its maintenance. International Space Station It is funded mainly by funds from the United States and Russia. The station consists of several units. The first of them was launched into space in 1998. And in 2020, the first crew settled on board.

Endurance crew capsule It has been used twice. It was used by NASA and SpaceX on the Crew-3 and Crew-5 missions. The vehicle will remain docked at the International Space Station for several months and return to Earth in 2024. Upon the arrival of the Crew-7 members, the Crew-6 astronauts will begin preparing for their return. The crew recently spent about half a year aboard the International Space Station. They are also exposed to dangerous cosmic radiation. Therefore, they do not stay there for several years.

Crew-7 is SpaceX’s seventh operational astronaut mission for NASA. Soon, flights to the International Space Station will also be made using Starliner capsules It was developed by Boeing, but it still needs to go through some tests.

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