Cosmic game in the ultimate M¦ darts.  “It doesn’t happen! Best leg ever!”

– This is madness! shouted the Sky Sports commentator during the second leg of the second set of the World Darts Championship final. The match played by Englishman Michael Smith and Dutchman Michael van Gerwen went down in the history of this discipline, and many have already praised this leg as the best in the history of the World Cup.

From the beginning Toy It was at a very high level. Van Gerwen won the first set 3–1, after taking Smith’s counters in the second leg. Both players have shown multiple 140- and 180-point shots in them. they Toy However, she was getting better and better and in the second set both of them entered cosmic level.

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On the first throw, Van Gerwen scored 180 points, hitting 20 triples three times. Smith answered. per second a series Van Gerwen scored 177 points with twenty threes and once with a triple 19. Smith did not give up, repeating the round 180 points. “You can’t, you can’t love that! Smith threw the first six darts so perfect, he might not have any!” – exclaimed the TVP Sport commentator.

Cosmic leg in the final of the World Cup of Darts

Players can finish a round of nine throws, the minimum number possible to score the necessary 501 points. When an opponent does this, pundits, commentators, and analysts go wild. On Tuesday, both the Dutchman and the Englishman had the opportunity, raising the rank of this leg even more.

However, Van Gerwen missed a great opportunity. The Dutchman hit 20 three-pointers as planned in the last series, but fell short on the last three-pointers. Van Gerwen needed 12 doubles to finish the leg, but instead of hitting it, he bumped it.

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“It does not happen, it does not happen!” – commented the enthusiastic TVP experts. “This station has everything to become the best in history. And not just the world championship,” they added.

Smith did not miss his chance. Triple 20, triple 19 and double 12 saw Smith win by leg and fans Those gathered at Alexandra Palace, London, went wild with joy. “That’s right! What an end to Michael Smith! What have we just seen here?! This is another piece of the sport! Legs like this are remembered forever, we’ve witnessed so many things, but now it’s a true story!” the commentators shouted.

In the end, Michael Smith won the match with a score of 7: 4. This is the first world title for the Englishman. He won only his third final from the event, losing the previous two matches – against Michel van Gerwen and Peter Wright –.

The pole, Krzysztof Ratajski, participated in the World Championships. The 45-year-old was knocked out in the third round after losing 4-1 to Belgian Dimitri van den Berg. The Polish victor made it to the semi-finals, where he lost 6-0 to Van Gerwen on Monday.

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