March 20, 2023


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Box.  Łomaczenko - Komi.  The triumphant return of the star

Box. Łomaczenko – Komi. The triumphant return of the star

Łomaczenko and Commey engaged in the most important battle in New York. Thanks to the victory, the Ukrainian reached the WBO continental belt, his performance was closely monitored by, among others, Oleksandr Usyk or Tyson Fury.

He chased the puncher from Ghana to get a powerful grenade from his right hand, but Łomaczenko punched from a distance, and after a quick half-distance he hit the body with the left flank. In the second round, Komi increased his pace and attacked the favorite, but the Ukrainian genius missed most of these hits and after a minute hit the top left with a jump. And at the end with a great left-right combination, after which he released his left head, the opponent threw the ropes. However, within a moment, a loud pause sounded.

In the third round, Łomaczenko showed where the nickname “Matrix” came from. He took one scythe left, but let it probably fly another 30-40. On the other hand, Sam hit the liver with the left hook several times and dragged the opponent twice on the left counter. In the fourth installment, Vasil changed his tactics and bombarded his opponent closely. And when he wanted to answer with all his might, he let his right hand pass and immediately repelled his short left hand.

After the break, Lomachenko let Komi go a little crazy and, of course, did not let himself get hit, and in the second part he would be reprimanded again at the slightest mistake. Comey errors increased. He returned with a better sixth round, although this round was still Łomaczenko’s in the end.

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In the seventh engagement, Łomaczenko hit his jaw with a short left hook in close combat, sending Commey into the councils. After the count, the Ukrainian encouraged the opponent’s corner to throw in the towel. In an instant I hit the left chin and Komi “dances”. Vasil was allowed to finish him off, and instead resumed the dialogue with his opponent’s corner. So in the end it went to a knockout, but then time ran out.

In the eighth match, Łomaczenko withdrew his opponent and gave him a second life. It seemed as if he just wanted to, he would have finished it earlier. But he identified his advantage and walked away. Comey recovered and launched a short attack at the start of the ninth round. Of course, he did not achieve anything greater, but he made a good impression. In the tenth round, Łomaczenko finally managed to speed up his pace. He had control of Commey, but he couldn’t break it. The next three minutes were the same. Commey got a second life and took advantage of it, although he was clearly a failure.

Łomaczenko wanted to effectively finish it, the last seconds of the fight were very difficult for Commey, but he survived the full distance with such an artist and could come home with pride. The more he earned only $700,000… the judges scored 117:110 and twice 119:108 – all in Łomaczenko’s favour.

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