Corona virus in Malbork with deaths.  23.01.2022 report new infections, number of tests, residents in quarantine, vaccinations

Are there any new infections? How many residents are in quarantine? How many people have been vaccinated so far? We publish Malbork poviat data based on the Ministry of Health daily report.

Data for January 22nd.

Yesterday Deaths in Malbork confirmed 27 New cases of novel coronavirus infection as defined by 167 Completed tests. He was in quarantine 1035 People.

In the province of Pomerania 2,907 new infections were recorded in the past day. In addition, the deaths of 5 people were recorded who died yesterday and the days before they were infected with SARS-CoV-2. One had coronavirus, while the others had comorbidities.

nationally 34,088 new cases of infection have been confirmed. The death of 25 people who died yesterday and the days before they were infected with the Corona virus was recorded. Seven of them had coronavirus, the rest had comorbidities.

Vaccinations in the Malbork region with deaths. Status on January 22, 2022:

  • Malbork – 24 090 – 23 108 – 60.6 Pro.
  • Jim. melorads – 1995 – 1935 – 57,9 proc.
  • Jim. base column – 2697 – 2554 – 54.2 Brook.
  • Jim. new pond – 4193 – 4041 – 53.3 Broc.
  • Jim. Malbork – 2588 – 2485 – 51.1 Brook.
  • Jim. Lichnoi – 2446 – 2319 – 50.2 Broc.
  • After the name of the commune, the number of immunized people, one dose, the number of complete vaccinations, the percentage of complete immunization.

The data is on January 21.

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