Box Office USA: Spider-Man has regained its leadership position.  "Avatar" in danger?
Traditionally, the weekend after Martin Luther King Day is stagnant in American cinemas. It was no different this year, when Omicron was still afflicting Americans. Revenue, therefore, fell, although most of the top 10 films were losing between 20% and 30%.

This does not mean that the current box office does not give feelings. The poor “Spider-Man: No Way Home” started a desperate struggle to take “Avatar” from the third place at the biggest box office of all time. And he has a chance. This weekend, it’s back in the top spot with $14.1 million. This is a 30% decrease compared to the previous weekend. This means that the program’s total revenue could still exceed $760 million, or even reach $770 million. As a reminder, the movie “Avatar” earned $760.5 million.

“Scream” is the only film in the top ten to see a significant decrease in revenue (up to 59%) compared to last week. That is why he lost his leadership position. However, the result for the weekend wasn’t too bad. 12.4 million dollars is the third best achievement for the second weekend of the series (the best was “Scream 3” – 16.3 million dollars).

The two big news stories of the week didn’t draw audiences to movie theaters, but no one expected them either. As expected, “Love Salvation” performed better. A romantic story set in the California gold rush in the 19th century for Christian audiences that made $3.7 million a day.

In turn, the “King’s Daughter” won $ 750,000 with a little marketing campaign, which was enough to take the eighth place. It is worth noting that the film was shot in 2014 and was originally scheduled to be released in theaters in 2015. However, the then Paramount distributor removed it from the premiere calendar without giving any reasons. In 2020, the film changed its title from the original “Moon and Sun” to the current “The King’s Daughter” and was acquired by Arclight Films. In the end, the film’s American distributor was Gravitas Ventures.

Box Office USA Jan 14-16 – Top 10

# Title Happened over the weekend got in total A week on screen China
1 Spider-Man: There is no escape from home $14.13 $721.01 6 3705
2 Scream $12.4 $5135 2 3666
3 sing 2 $571 $128.41 5 3434
4 redeem love $371 $371 1 1903
5 King’s Man: First Mission $1.78 $31.51 5 2360
6 355 1.6 dollars $11.08 3 2609
7 American underdog US $1.23 $23.13 5 2164
8 the king’s daughter $0.75 $0.75 1 2170
9 West side story $0.7 $35.05 7 1290
10 Licorice pizza 0.68 dollars $10.79 9 772

There are no major distribution plans for next Friday. The situation will only change with the arrival of February.

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