Confusion about Pyotr Zelicki.  And you chess me?  You will desert yourselves [WIDEO] Becca Nona

That was the 23rd minute of the match in Turin, when Lorenzo Insigne entered the home team’s penalty area. Matteo Politano perfectly received the ball, and he not only pawned it, but also successfully handed it to Dries Mertens.

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Who is the new coach of the Polish national team? Cesare Colizza as a guest on LIVE

The Belgian ran to the ball and gave the ball a free kick into the far corner of the goal Naples Lead 1: 0. Could Wojciech Szczęsny stop her? judge for yourself:

Luciano Spalletti’s side advanced, despite their squad being significantly weakened by the coronavirus, injuries and the African Cup of Nations. Hirving Lozano, Alex Merritt and Kevin Malcuit did not play in Turin due to injury. Victor Osimhen was missing due to injury, Kalidou Koulibaly, André Anguise and Adam Unas left for the PNA. Additionally, Mario Roy has been suspended for cards.

Play for Real Madrid. Now he can go to the Premier League

It was close to the match too Pewter ZeeIlinsky. The Pole, who played the last 90 minutes, may have been shivering with his performance on Wednesday. Where does this confusion come from? As it turned out, Zelensky, Amir Rahmani and Stanislav Lobotka had contact with an infected person, and more than 120 days had passed since the last dose of the vaccine, so the players did not adhere to the new rules of the Italian government. The three players mentioned Naples They were not vaccinated with the third dose of COVID-19.

Draw in the first division

All three played in the end, but weak Napoli couldn’t make it through in the end. In the 54th minute, Juan Cuadrado played inside the penalty area, and Alvaro Morata lost a header. But the ball fell under the feet of Federico Chiesa, who beat David Ospina with an accurate shot.

After 20 rounds, Napoli is third in the table with 40 points, six points behind intermilan and five to AC Milan. Juventus It occupies fifth place and is behind Napoli by five points.

Media: There is an agreement.  Puchacz is one step away from the new clubMedia: There is an agreement. Puchacz is one step away from the new club

The two teams play the next matches on Sunday. Napoli will take Sampdoria, and Juventus away will face Rome.

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