Benoit Bryar bit

Benoit Fryer directed his baptism during the filming of the short film Die alive, He first unveiled at the Les Bergites Festival in Caspe. He promised to do it again on the first occasion.

“I’m going to admit myself again. I’m directing theater and opera, so I know I’m going to direct one day, but never leave the game, because I’m a stage bug,” promises Benoit Fryer, currently in Berkeley.

For his first film, he had a gold object in hand: the end of the life of the famous pediatrician Luke Chicoin, as his son Jean-Franசois told him at the holiday party.

Immediately, Benoit Fryer saw a picture there. He suggested writing a screenplay for his friend Jean-Franசois, who had already collaborated with Andre Forsier. The latter replied, in this case, he must play in it and feel it.

“We reached the sixth bottle of wine and I said yes,” Benoit Fryer recalled.

“Fairy Tale”

He did not regret it. After a few years of writing, we were finally able to shoot after the first wave of Govt-19.

According to Benoit Fryer, all parts of the puzzle are like magic, a producer, a photography director, actors (when looking for actresses (Marcel Saborin answers him specifically)) or ‘post-production team.

“This film is like a fairy tale,” notes Benoit Fryer.

An example: Esther, wife of Jean-Franசois Chicoin, is the notary of Elise Gilbold. Who plays the role of Esther in this film.

“When I asked her if she wanted to play the role of Esther, she replied: Not only does it attract me, I don’t know much about her in life.”

Busy guy

Opening of Die alive Benoit was not the only activity on Fryer’s agenda during his stay in Perzo.

So, let’s see this in another short film, Rosa, Facing Theodore Bellerin, for this second part of Perksides he wears the cap of the chairman of the jury.

Die alive The award, presented by Benoit Fryer at the closing ceremony on Sunday, will be presented to the public shortly before the ceremony. “To get the nerves,” he says, eager to see how the audience will get his picture.

  • This is the movie Like the wave, Mary-Julie Duller, began the ceremony on Tuesday evening. A total of 80 films from 15 countries will be screened until Sunday. Consult the project:

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