A split between the Taliban?  There was a violent quarrel between the leaders.  Baradar disappears in the background |  world News

from sources BBC The main figures in the row appear to be Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Ghani Baradar and Sirajuddin Haqqani, the new interior minister. rz ± dzie. As we read, there was supposed to be a “sharp exchange of opinions” between them.

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Split between the Taliban? There will be a fight between the leaders

Unofficial reports were confirmed by an unidentified high-ranking Taliban representative living in Qatar. According to his report, the quarrel occurred at the end of last week. The reason was Baradar’s dissatisfaction with the structure of the provisional government. “It is said that conflict arises from divisions over who deserves credit for winning Afghanistan– We read on the BBC.

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According to reports, Baradar believes that this is mainly an achievement of diplomacy, people like him. Hakani and his supporters say that the most important thing was the armed struggle. The BBC reports that the deputy prime minister was the first Taliban leader to speak directly to Americans President. It’s about an interview with Donald Trump in March of last year. Earlier, Baradar signed a US withdrawal agreement on behalf of the Taliban forces. In turn, the so-called Hakani network is accused of launching the most brutal attacks against Afghan forces and their Western allies.

News of a leadership split coincided with Baradar’s disappearance from public life in recent days. CNN notes that speculation about internal conflicts was fueled by her absence from the delegation that met Sunday with the Qatari foreign minister. There were even unconfirmed reports that the leader was injured. Others said he died.

The politician was supposed to go to Kandahar after the quarrel. At the same time, there were conflicting statements on the part of the Taliban. Someone said that Baradar traveled to Kandahar to meet the Taliban’s supreme leader. The second stated that he was “tired and wanted to rest”. Unofficially, Baradar will return to Kabul and deny the fact that an argument has taken place in front of the camera.

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