February 1, 2023


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Karin Vanas, who was punched in the face by a stranger, uses compassion to talk about mental health

Karine Vanasse recently walked into a store and was punched in the face by a stranger in broad daylight for no reason. The prolific actress took to her Instagram account today to share the adventure in a message of compassion for those suffering from mental health issues.

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In her message posted earlier today on Instagram, Karine Vanas explains that the police told her that she was not the only person who had experienced something like this with this person.

“I wanted to ask you directly what happened so we can find ways to help this man who seems to be in pain,” said the psychiatric interventionist who contacted her after the man told her. by them.

The words chosen by the doctor seem to have particularly touched the actressBefore the accident He chose to use compassion here on the topic of mental health.

The actress continues her message by explaining that she read “great books this week.” She adds: “But taking the time to hear from complete strangers around me reminded me how beautiful, reassuring and moving human nature can be.”

Her message of happiness, understanding and tenderness seems to have resonated with many internet users and Quebec artists, who have poured out comments supporting the actress’ love and well-being. Such is the case with actresses Suzanne Clement, Melissa Bedard and singer Ima, who sum up the situation well by writing, “Altruism, tenderness, welcome, tenderness.” We need it badly.”

Guy A Lepage has been put in his place

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Guy A Lepage was the only actress and her fans to raise emotions with the opposite message. “I will face myself from the pain of your attacker,” he wrote. I kiss you Karin.

host Everyone is talking about it However, he was neatly put in his place by netizens who pointed out to him that he had missed a kind message from Karine Vanasse.

“Exactly, if the world stopped being against the suffering and we helped them instead of punishing them and leaving them to their fate, society would be in better health. It’s too bad you missed Madame Vanasse’s message, because what she’s saying cries out for truth, and many people should think so,” said a certain Andrian. replied.

Contacted by Newspaper, Karin Vanasse explained in her Instagram post that she wrote everything she wanted to share about the story. “It’s great if it resonates with a lot of people,” he added.