Russia’s war with Ukraine.  The hero pilot died to prevent his plane from crashing into the countryside

In the forest near the village of Hlebivka, north of Kiev, a monument was unveiled to Lieutenant Colonel Hennadiy Matulak, who died in this place on February 25, 2022 as a result of his plane being shot down by a Russian fighter. Matulak did not eject immediately after his injury to prevent the plane from crashing into a residential area.

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The war in Ukraine – read the report

On the first day of all-out Russian aggression against Ukraine, Lieutenant Colonel Matulak carried out combat missions in the south of the country, eliminating enemy columns in his native Mykolaiv and in the Kherson region.

On the morning of February 25, he achieved another success, destroying a column of Russian vehicles near Hostomel near Kiev.

While defending the airspace over the Kiev region, he was attacked by an enemy fighter crew. After the first hit, he first corrected the flight of his machine so that it would not fall into a residential area. According to some sources, the pilot was able to pull the lever when he was hit by a second hit, as a result of which the machine caught fire and fell into the forest near the village of Khalibivka.

Although the area was occupied by the aggressor at the beginning of the war, the inhabitants of the settlement buried the pilot, and President Zelensky posthumously awarded him the title of Hero of Ukraine.

In April, Matulac’s remains were exhumed and in April 2022 they were buried in Mikołajów.

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In memory of his heroic death, his memorial at the spot where he died was covered.

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