Amazing video from the depths of the sea.  Scientists managed to record a fish with a transparent head

Behind this unusual recording is undoubtedly scientists working at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. The dynamically developing research center has, for years, been using special and constantly improved machines for underwater missions – Ventana and Doc Ricketts. this is Fully automated units with remote control, capable of exploring the seas and oceans, even at very great depths. You can see what this type of device looks like in the video below.

Taking advantage of the possibilities of new technologies, scientists from the institute recently set out on another underwater mission. This time, while searching, they found one of the most amazing inhabitants of the North Pacific – a deep-sea fish called Macropinna microstoma. It was first discovered in 1939, but You couldn’t photograph a person alive until 2004. The reason is simple – it occurs at a depth of about 700-800 miles per minute, although it can be found even at 1,100 miles per minute. It usually avoids any contact with light due to its very specific structure of the optical system. The unusual arrangement of the eyes is not the only “strange” affliction of this species – it is also distinguished, among other things, transparent headThanks to him we can clearly see his internal organs. You can see how amazing this show is by watching the videos below:

The fish itself is not very big – It is about 15 cm longThe research conducted so far indicates that it feeds primarily on small organisms, including stinging beetles. Interestingly, its visual system is very flexible – the fish can freely change it from vertical to horizontal, increasing its field of view.

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