Class difference in Katowice.  Gornik confirmed progress to the 1/16 final of the Polish Cup

PAP / Zbigniew Meissner / In the photo: Fight in the match GKS Katowice – Górnik Zabrze

Thomas Galinsky

Gornik Zabrze beat GKS Katowice away with a score of 4-0 without any major problems and confidently advanced to the 1/16 finals of the Polish Fortuna Cup. The Premier League player did not prove to be a difficult obstacle.

There are matches with an amazing story, beautiful goals and twists, where sometimes the lower-ranked team defeats the favorite. However, there are also meetings like the one in Katowice, where everything happens based on a completely logical scenario.

Gornik Zabrze beat GKS Katowice because they were the best. The individual skills of individual players prevailed.

the first goal? Good cross by Dani Pacheco from an unmarked corner kick and Sebastian Musiolik scores confidently. second? Rafael Vigil lost (not for the first time in this match), and Mociolek gave the ball back to Kamil Lukozik, who beat Patrik Szczuka with a beautiful shot from sixteen metres. The third attack is a brilliant counter-attack and professional finishing by Lawrence Ainali. The same player scored in the 89th minute, taking advantage of a fatal error by the goalkeeper.

Watch the video: The stake must ignite the fire of battle

This does not change the fact that if this match had ended after 45 minutes, neither of them would have complained. Unfortunately, not much happened in the second half.

Gornik controlled the action on the pitch, played very economically and did not make any spectacular moves. On the other hand, GKS was unable to penetrate the opponent’s tight defense and the match took place mainly in the central area of ​​the field.

Of course, there were some opportunities. The best goal was missed by Museulyk, who won the battle for position with Arkadiusz Yidrich, but later shot straight at the goalkeeper from a few meters out.

The hosts wasted their best shot in the 76th minute when Antoni Kozubal curled in a beautiful long-range shot and Zabrze was only saved by a brilliant tackle from Michal Shromnik. This action led to a corner kick after which the visitors mounted a quick counter-attack and Enali was happy with the goal several tens of seconds later. In the last half, he scored for the second time when he intercepted the ball after a terrible pass from Oscar Rybka.

GKS Katowice – Gornik Zabrze 0:4 (0:2)
0:1 Sebastian Museulic 20′
0:2 Kamil Lukoczyk 36′
0:3 Lawrence Inally 77′
0:4 Lawrence Inally 89′


GKS: Patryk Szczuka – Marcin Vasilevski (70′ Adrian Danek), Aleksandar Komor, Arkadiusz Giedrich, Oskar Rybka, Grzegorz Rojala – Mateusz Mack (76′ Christian Aleman), Rafael Vigil (57′ Bartosz Baranovic), Antoni Kozobal, Sean Shibata (57′ ). ‘Adrian Blood) – Kasper Pietrzyk (57’ Jakub Arac).

Miner: Michal Shromnik – Boris Sekulić, Crispin Szczesniak, Rafael Janicki, Michal Cieblak – Pawel Olkowski (46′ Lukas Podolski), Simon Chase, Dani Pacheco (46′ Damian Rasak), Adrian Kapralek (69′ Lawrence Enaly), Kamil Lukoczyk (80) ). ‘Mateusz Szymerek) – Sebastian Museulik (80’ Robert Daduk).

Yellow cards: Pacheco, Sekulić, Rasac, Kapralic (miner).

Judge: Tomasz Kwiatkowski (Warsaw).

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