The winner can make a fortune!  Big 4-Hills-Tournament Rewards

Jubilee edition is associated with a huge financial reward. To win the 4-Hills 70’s Championship, the winner will earn four times what they did a year ago. We also calculated how much the jumper would get if he won all four competitions.

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Getty Images / Alexander Hassenstein / Pictured: Kamel Stoch

It’s time for one of the three most important moments of the snowboarding season. The Seventy Four Hills Jubilee Championship will begin on Tuesday in Oberstdorf. Once again the competition will be held without the participation of fans (due to the epidemic). Despite the low revenue from ticket sales, the organizers prepared an impressive financial reward for the winner.

In the previous 69th edition of the German-Austrian competition, winner Kamel Stoch received “only” 25,000. Swiss francs, just over 100,000 francs. zloty. At the time, we wrote about a tiny amount to win such a challenging tournament both physically and mentally. Now, however, there will be no complaints about the final financial reward.

A few weeks before the start of the competition, the organizers revealed that this time the winner of the 4-Hills-Tournament will receive up to 100,000 Swiss francs. This is four times what it was in the previous version and 10 times more than what the bird receives for winning a single World Cup competition. At the current exchange rate of the Swiss franc in Poland, the winner of the seventieth edition of the TCS will receive about 440,000. zlotys, or nearly half a million!

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but that is not all. Each competition in the 4-Hills-Tournament counts toward the World Cup overall classification. Thus, they are subject to FIS rates and prize money for the top 30 competitions are awarded in each competition. The winner is the most profitable, with 10 thousand. Francs (44 thousand zlotys). Plus a bonus of 3,000. It goes to the winner of each qualification franc (13,000 PLN).

Thus, if any of the jumpers win all four qualifying series, all four competitions and an overall classification to compete in the Seventy Four Hills Championship, they will earn approximately 670,000. zloty. That’s double what the season’s top jumper, Karl Geiger, has earned so far. After 10 World Cup competitions, Germany leads the financial standings with 301 thousand PLN. zloty.

The 70th TCS race will start on Tuesday in Oberstdorf. Broadcasting from all competitions on TVN, Eurosport 1, and WP Pilot. Qualifying rounds will be available at Eurosport.

Program for the 70th session of the 4 Hills Championship:

12/28/2021 (Tuesday)
14:15 – Formal Training (Series 2)
16:30 – Qualifications

12/29/2021 (Wednesday)
15:00 – Trials Series
16:30 – First Competition Series

12/31/2021 (Friday)
11:45 – Formal Training (Series 2)
14:00 – Qualifications

01/01/2022 (Saturday)
12:30 – Trial Series
14:00 – Series 1 of the competition

January 3, 2022 (Monday)
11:15 – Formal Training (Series 2)
13:30 – Qualifications

January 4, 2022 (Tuesday)
12:00 – Trials Series
13:30 – The first competition series

January 5, 2022 (Wednesday)
15:00 – Formal training (Series 2)
16:30 – Qualifications

January 6, 2022 (Thursday)
15:30 – Trial Series
16:45 – First competition series

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