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En 2002, huit adolescents québécois âgés de 13 à 17 ans sont devenus des vedettes du jour au lendemain grâce à Mixmania, émission de téléréalité au concept inédit à l’époque. Vingt ans plus tard, l’animatrice et réalisatrice Bianca Gervais se penche sur le phénomène dans une réunion aux allures de retrouvailles du secondaire. Cinq mots inspirés de la fin des classes pour décortiquer le documentaire.

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Véronique Larocque

Véronique Larocque
La Presse


Des ballons, des guirlandes, des confettis : c’est dans une ambiance conviviale que Bianca Gervais reçoit six des huit participants de la première saison de Mixmania. Ariane Laniel, Annabelle Oliva-Denis, Julie St-Pierre, Frank Hudon, Emmanuel McEwan et Pierre-Luc Blais ont accepté l’invitation de prendre part à ces retrouvailles filmées. « Mixmania, c’est vraiment un phénomène qui a marqué une génération au fer rouge », affirme, en entrevue, l’animatrice et réalisatrice. « Moi-même, j’avais 16 ans et demi à l’époque et je l’écoutais en cachette. […] I thought it was necessary to underline it, but not in a cool way. So the idea was born to create a crowd to “celebrate the tradition of the show with festival, dedication and a lot of humanity”.

Photo by Martin Tremble, Archives the Press

In 2003 there was no urban security and regret at the Bell Center

At the top of the class

Some may have forgotten how popular any grief and urban security was in 2002. The documentary refreshes the memories. Both teams formed during Season 1 of the show have been to the Bell Center four times. Their album became dual platinum certified and sold 200,000 copies. Everyone was amazed by this excitement, even the production, we learn Mixmania: 20 years later. Driven to the pinnacle of the Quebec star system, the young singers saw a steep descent. “I was 17-18 years old,” Annabel Oliva-Denise told the camera. “It simply came to our notice then Press Julie St.-Pierre. It was mostly positive, but there were still difficulties associated with it. I think people underestimate this impact. ⁇

Photo CATHERINE LEFEBVRE, Special collaboration

Family photo for former participants of four seasons Mixed Mania

2002, 2011, 2012 and 2014 graduates

For those who hum Zero point love Where Prepare for dinner When they think Mixed Mania, The documentary also talks about seasons 2, 3 and 4 of the show, which ran from 2011 to 2014. Reginald Bellamy, William Clutier, Amelie Saint-Onge, Tommy Tremble and Claudia Bouvet talk about their experience. Even though the latter has had a great career in music and television since his time Mixmania2, He is constantly talked about on the show. “I have an idea that there really is a deep love and memory that we share with all the young people who follow us,” he notes in an interview.

Photo CATHERINE LEFEBVRE, Special collaboration

Bianca Kervice, animator and director of the documentary


At any reunion, the memories are many Mixmania: 20 years later. First Generation Mix reviews some excerpts from their auditions, is still amazed by the huge crowd that attended their shows or comments with a lot of self-mockery about their appearance chosen by the public at the time, we should remember. Bianca Kervice dares to ask some crisp questions. “Do you like your music? She asks them with a smile. Emmanuel McQueen, who was 18 during the tour, honestly responded that a party with “a lot of crisp and alcoholic” was not really his age, as he sang with Urban Defense. Even today, some compositions are still popular in the music world. For example, Ariane Lionel and Frank Hooden both recently released a new song.

Photo by Eve P. Presented by Laoi, Grave

Extraction Mixmania: 20 years later

… And tears

These reunions cause some tears, especially when the host asks Mixed They are now parents if they allow their children to take part in a similar adventure. Anything other than normal adolescence is more obvious, and they reflect before giving a definitive answer. Emotions are evident when fans and artists, including Katherine Lewak and Mary-Line Jonkass, carefully preserve images of old essays and thank their childhood idols for playing a key role in their lives. Mixmania: 20 years later Many fans of No Records and Urban Defense under the age of 30 or 20 will be greatly delighted regardless of what they sing You go Loud in the center of the bell or they tricked into buying the album.

Mixmania: 20 years later Available in Gray from June 22nd.

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