Media Premiere: Christine Morency Full Grace

She speaks loudly, plays unashamedly big and profane, “yet it’s not Shakespeare,” warns Christine Morency from the start, who was greeted with thunderous applause Wednesday evening between two pillars for its premiere at the Olympia.

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“Tabarnak! I am you Celine!, she exclaimed. Anyway, this evening, Celine is fine with me”, she said from the start, her voice hoarse from laryngitis. A comedian must have an ENT agreement during the day to be able to perform without risking his health.

A gifted storyteller, the humorist talks candidly about some of her misadventures, each funnier and more unexpected than the next, and this has made her a woman full of grace – or almost. She talks about her stay at the Ritz, her “date” at the waterfall, and the time she bought a ticket to La Ronde — and from then on, she owes a giant candle to her hips that let her cling to his seat. , in Tornado.

His colorful frenzy, his bloody punches and his clownish gestures add value to his stage persona, he certainly knows how to make people laugh without making them cringe – sometimes a little. The Olympia public didn’t even get a moment to catch their breath during this 90-minute presentation, as the jokes flew.

Christine Morency has her own unique way of bringing the public into her world and making them think, while making them laugh out loud – and very colorfully. This has been particularly – apparently successful – in her number on sexual abuse, she concludes, underscoring the perversity of having to create such a number to condemn these gestures. “I don’t understand why I can say ‘no’ to a sausage dog, but not to a number 6. [un spectateur dans la salle choisit pour illustrer l’homme sur six qui commettra des inconduites sexuelles au moins une fois dans sa vie]”.

At a certain point in his performance, parts of the golden screen adorning the stage fell off, revealing the installation to fans. “Well, that’s me: big fans of the chain,” she exclaimed. She meditates there to catch her breath or for the benefits of a bitter. Light animations are also sometimes projected there, especially of a male character completing a joke.

For the premiere of this first solo show, the dynamic comedian was solid, although his illness caused him to gasp here and there.

The comedian documents the underbelly of the creation of her show “Grace” in the documentary series “Christine Morency: without filter,” which airs every Wednesday on Z’s airwaves. Crave subscribers also have access to episodes.

Christine Morency will return to Olympia on Thursday and continue her tour across Quebec for at least another year.

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