i9-12900K is a hot beast?  First tests leaked
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August 31, 2021, 13:55

Leaked stress tests, which likely include the new Alder Lake-S generation i9-12900K processor. It was very warm and a lot of energy was used.

The Intel i9-12900K will be the flagship of the next generation Alder Lake-S. 16 cores and hybrid design (8 high-performance and 8 economical cores) It should provide deposits with huge capacity and at the same time high flexibility. The results of the tests that this system may have participated in have been published on Weibo. But it was definitely very hot, and the processor’s power consumption reached 250 watts.

i9-12900K is a hot beast?  First Tests Leaked - Illustration #1

Lenovo employee login. ?? Source: WCCFTech

The author of the entry is an employee of the Chinese branch of Lenovo. according to service WCCFTech It is a desktop layout manager and product for games. The RTX 3090 graphics card played a major role in their tests, but the processor caught the attention of Internet users. Judging from the screenshots, it has 16 centers / 24 threads (this is indicated by the number of HWinfo reads and the location of the task manager window), So it will most likely be a Core i9-12900K.

i9-12900K is a hot beast?  First Tests Leaked - Illustration #2

Test results screen posted by a Lenovo employee. ?? Source: Weibo

In tests for about an hour The system temperature has increased up to 93°C. The average power consumption was 248.8 W (according to Intel, in the case of TDP 125 W, the power consumption of the PL2 stage should not exceed 250 W). It must be admitted that it is a lot and it is difficult to imagine that it could be a different processor from the 12th generation processor. But before we start calling out the “stoves ???????????????????????? I should point out that a lot of data is not clear. Don’t know the hours?? Could the processor be overclocked? And we don’t know anything about cooling it, either.

So it is not worth prejudging anything. It will be possible to form an opinion about the Alder Lake-S generation systems after they go on sale (and the first reviews), and it will not be until the end of this year. Thread Director will benefit from the flexibility of new processors, but May require running Windows 11which will be distributed in computers at the same time.

i9-12900K is a hot beast?  First Tests Leaked - Illustration #3

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