Thunder on the staff!  “Czeslav Michniewic’s words? They have no right to fall.”

In the team play report We showed that our players played old ball. We spent more than a third of the time defending around the penalty area, our “idea” in attack was the so-called laga na Roberta, i.e. kicking the ball in the direction of our best striker. Indeed, Wojciech Szczęsny, who was in good shape, saved us from disgrace.

Marek Warzynowski (Onet Sports Review): Up to 36 percent. The Polish national team played matches in the so-called low area, ie the bus is parked. Our tactic is to kick a long ball at Robert Lewandowski. This is according to the report we prepared.

Darius Dziekanovsky: Yes, I read it, that’s how it was. Obviously, the game was missing. We watched other teams play defensively and on the counter. However, players from Morocco, Japan, Korea and Canada in the Belgium match or even Wales in the second half of the match against America, jumped on the attack of the opponents’ players, and went out for a quick attack, as the whole group went out. players participated. Unfortunately, the Polish national team gave us a very primitive form of football.

What was that about?

Did you watch the match against Chile before the tournament?


Already in this friendly match it was clear that this is how we play, there is no other idea, the first objective is to survive. And it worked, so the selector announced with great satisfaction that we had played very well. However, everyone saw that it was the other way around.

It was a distortion of reality. The coach got into such a narrative, he couldn’t figure out what was good and what was bad. Unfortunately, many players also went this way…

What was she supposed to do?

I think players with that experience and position have the right to express their opinion, and they don’t have to pretend they agree with something. They must react when they need to change something in the game. Unfortunately, they did not respond.

Today we confirm that we have left the group, however we have made it only thanks to Wojtek Szczęsny. His fantastic saves and strong concentration meant we never lost more to Argentina or Mexico.

Or maybe we don’t have players for the big ball, as Michniewicz’s supporters have pointed out?

We have some high class players and they should be cornered by the Warriors. Do you really think McAllister or de Paul are great players? And Enzo Fernandez? These are powerful destroying, creative, fighting, running players.

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