Charlotte Cardin’s latest releases make her fear the worst about her relationship

Charlotte has been feeding us music content with the announcement of her new EP, but some videos lead us to believe she’s having heart problems.

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Charlotte Cardin’s fans are spoiled these days, and she’s released a new one Single Appointed Alone with our love On May 13, he announced the release of a new album. A week in Nashville. However, it seems that the latter is more than a simple EP for the singer; What he mentions could mean bad news for his relationship with Alyosha Schneider.


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Charlotte has been in a relationship with Alyosha for about 7 years, creating a couple admired by the public. The song “Together”, which the singer often sings with his girlfriend, never fails to make everyone melt in front of their chemistry. However, Alyosha has been touring France since early 2024, and Charlotte is also touring North America and Europe. So this distance may have been difficult for the couple.

Indeed, Charlotte Cardin leaves virtual clues that suggest a breakup. When leaving Alone with our loveHer lyrics are already so depressing that she shared a video explaining the meaning behind the song:

“Traveling far away is a feeling I (even at times) am familiar with. I wrote this song at a time when being in love felt lonelier than being alone. I am so grateful to have such music lifeline In difficult times. I wrote this in Nashville with my friend Gabe. It is my hope that this brings comfort to those who need to hear that even when we feel alone, we are never completely alone. »

As if that wasn’t enough to worry us, the singer took to TikTok to post some videos promoting her song. The problem is, all of these videos address the loneliness she feels when she’s in love with someone from afar, and one of them mentions the “7-year crisis” theory as a couple. So it warns us of potential tensions in the relationship of these two stars at this time.

However, Alyosha confuses the issue in a new interview, mentioning that he missed Charlotte while he was in Greece for a role in the series “Greek Salad” and that they are still a couple. Can this video be taken as confirmation that they are still together or was it taken before the breakup?

And so, we wonder the words they often sing in their hearts, “If we’re not together, what’s the point of being together?” Whatever happens, we can reassure ourselves that his new album is moving and great.

To be continued!

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