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Beware, spoiler warning. “The Chair” is an Emmy Award-nominated comedy-drama series, . New production Directed by Daniel Day Longino, and written by Amanda Pete and Annie Julia Wyman.

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The series, consisting of six episodes of 30 minutes each, takes place at the University of Fictional Pembroke Ji-yun Kim () Has been named the first woman of color to head the English department.

However, due to low student enrollment and the fact that most teachers are older, Ji-yun’s new role is proving to be an uphill battle. Moreover, the situation was further complicated by the Bill scandal involving the Nazi salute. Here we explain What happened at the end of the “chair” and what it meant.

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What happened at the end of the “leader”?

The “Chair” is the last episode of Season 1 Begins Ji-yun Kim She explains to her daughter’s psychologist how her mother did not want her to be a housewife and that she always told him to study. He also told her about an old relationship that didn’t work by distance. He finally admitted that the University of Pembroke had given him everything he wanted, but now he is afraid to show up on campus because of everything that has happened.

After dropping her daughter off at school, Ji-yun arrives at the university, and all the students start looking at her as an article appears in the newspaper that she gave a cock order to a black student. When giving her class, students used the opportunity to indirectly tell her what they thought of her.

(Photo: Netflix)
(Photo: Netflix)

Meanwhile, Professor John talks about his role in recent years in the Office of Ethics and Compliance and demands that he recognize himself for the way he has been treated. He then goes with two of his classmates to the university dean Ask for a no-confidence vote against Director Ji-yun.

As for Bill, they come forward to sign a contract with him, But he did not want to because doing so would be tantamount to admitting that he had done something wrong. Meanwhile, Ji-yun meets the group to talk about Bill’s investigation, and they say his life is in danger in order to support him.

Student Daphne Bill goes home. He thinks she’s trying to sleep with him, but she’s only there to share her novel. After seeing the news about Ji-yun in the newspaper, he goes to find her and talks to her about it, but she is angry.

Bill changes the conversation and says that his lawyer offered him a solution and he will get a good amount of money to leave the country and start a new life. Too much He kisses her, telling her he wants a future with her.

After the moment of love, Bill tells Ji-yun to remove him Because everyone is against him, the audience is only a joke. Bill regrets that Ji-yun won’t help him, and they start arguing, at which point she tells him that she will be ashamed of him if his late wife Sharon sees his behavior.

Is coming Bill Inquiry Day It was directed by Ji-yun. After asking him to defend himself against the accusations, Bill talks about falling in love with stories and literature; Describes the relationship with stories as a complex and faithful relationship.

Excited Ji-yun says the shooting bill doesn’t change things She then argues that she is not impartial, so it is not fair practice.

(Photo: Netflix)
(Photo: Netflix)

What is the meaning of “chair”?

However, Bill was removed from his post at the university. They wanted to fire G-un, but they did not do it to avoid another lawsuit. However, during the meeting with the teachers A referendum was held against him.

Six votes in favor and five votes against. Ji-yun is no longer the head of the English department. Joan was in her place, after Ji-eun revealed that she was for the post.

At the end of the chapter, Bill tells Ji-un that he rejected the deal Because if he does, no university will hire him. It tells you He will fight to get his job back. After this conversation, Ji-yun asks him to take care of his daughter so he can make money in between. Bill agrees and The first season of “Chair” ends with the two protagonists laughing.

The first season of “Chair” ends with the two protagonists laughing (Photo: Netflix)
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