One of the popular areas of entertainment is gambling. In modern society, people are looking for more ways to pass the time and earn extra money. It leads to the growing fame of gaming establishments and certain casino games. Their popularity reached such a high level that even cinematography didn’t manage to stand aside. There’re so many movies that are devoted to gambling and even to the definite casino games. Many of them are recognized to be legends in the industry. In our article, we will observe the reasons for gambling games’ popularity and look at the list of the top films featuring them.

Why are Casino Games Popular?

Compared to many existing types of entertainment, gamble games provide an opportunity to have a truly unforgettable experience and feel real adrenaline. The tendency to take part in gambling appeared a long time ago when the first land-based casinos were established.

Today the fame of the gambling industry keeps increasing, while the industry itself is constantly developing. Thus, we can observe good old land-based gaming venues in various parts of the world. The most visited one is Las Vegas, where dozens of reputable casinos are located to welcome punters from different parts of the globe.

Another direction of the gambling industry development is online gambling. More and more people now prefer to have a hobby, which is accessible anywhere and at any time. That’s why the majority of Internet gaming clubs can be used either from PCs or mobile devices. The only thing required is a stable Internet connection. In the online world, there’re all sorts of casino games presented, so every player can find a preferable table or card game, pokie, TV show game, sports betting option, etc.

The stable popularity of the gambling industry made many moviemakers pay attention to the issue. Some of them even devoted the whole film to certain games, while the others made casino games an important part or background of their movies.

Advantages of Watching Casino Films

The casino world is glamorous and attractive. It’s possibly one of the reasons for people to keep wanting the movies with such a genre. It’s a huge mistake to think that movies featuring gambling venues and casino games are just for entertainment. In fact, there’re many benefits, which they grant:

  1. A chance to learn how to play gamble games. Punters can, for instance, know new effective strategies and learn how to use them in real life.
  2. A way to get rid of fears. Some people want to try their luck but are very afraid to lose, so they won’t even take a chance. While watching certain films, people can feel an amazing atmosphere of glamor and luxury and forget about common fears.
  3. A deeper understanding of the casino culture. Have you ever dreamed of visiting Las Vegas? It’s important to know how to dress, speak, and behave in a reputable gaming facility. It’s possible to know such information while watching casino films.
  4. An opportunity to improve your skills. If a person is an experienced punter, certain films can help make the skills even better, increasing the chances to win. After this, you can visit, for example, the online casino Red Dog and start earning money.
  5. A way to relax. With quality movies, everyone can forget about risks, feel relaxed, and just enjoy an exciting plot with professional actors’ play. Thus, it’s possible to forget about everyday problems and stress.
  6. A chance to avoid problems with gambling. Many films tell stories about problem gambling and can teach you how to stay reasonable and smart.

With a good movie, you can almost escape from the boring reality and become one of the outstanding characters of the film.

Popular Casino Games Frequently Featured in Cinematography

In modern movies, it’s possible to find almost any kind of gamble game. Of course, films are mostly devoted to land-based casinos, which are visited by the main characters for various purposes. People can frequently notice the following varieties of games:

  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Bingo
  • Slot machines.

The majority of films are devoted to the table games category.

The Examples of Movies

Consider the list of the top films, which are devoted to diverse gamble games and worth your attention:


Film The year of release Games featured Description
1. 21 2008 Blackjack This exciting film is based on real events. A student gets an offer to join a blackjack team to calculate the odds and win gambling clubs. The movie demonstrates the brilliant skills of talented students, their luxury life, adventures, and risks. Become a witness of the story, which the main character tells to the shocked headmaster of the university he is planning to enter.
2. Last Vegas 2013 Pokie machines The plot tells the audience about 3 best friends. Their friendship has lasted for over 50 years. And now one of them is going to marry a young lady. Thus, three friends (played by top actors – M. Freeman, M. Douglas, and R. De Niro) come to Vegas, where the action of the comedy actually takes place. One of the recognizable scenes is when one of the men is talking to his son by phone, while all three old guys are playing slots.
3. Casablanca 1942-1943 Roulette This legendary movie is added to the list of top 50 films in the world of all times. The action takes place during the time of WWII. The main hero is an owner of a nightclub in Casablanca, who was born in the US. It happens that he meets his former beloved, who is married. And her husband is a fugitive Czech Resistance leader.

The movie is full of drama and romance. There’s one famous scene featuring roulette. The couple is trying to win money to go to the US. And the main character helps them by saying the successful numbers. Then he asks them to never come back.

4. Big Momma’s House 2 2006 Bingo It’s an extremely funny movie with M. Lawrence playing the main role. This time, an FBI agent has to transform into Big Momma to investigate the murder of the former partner. Meanwhile, he has to fulfill the duties of a nanny. The film is full of humor, drama, and positive moments with an edge of adrenaline.
5. Lucky You 2007 Poker The main character is a talented poker player in a difficult situation. To take part in the great tournament in Las Vegas, he needs a huge sum of money. The movie tells about his tries to get the required amount, his relations with his father and his beloved, his will to win, participation in the tournaments, and the right choice made by the end. Thanks to the latest, he managed not just to win cash but also improve his relations with a father and private life.
6. California Split 1974 Blackjack



This is a movie about two guys, who are losers due to stable defeats. They are both fond of gambling, one of them even has certain problems. After they meet and understand that it’s better to work together, their lives change. They decide to participate in the poker tournament in Reno. One of the guys manages to win a poker champion. Then he keeps playing roulette, blackjack, craps and even increases the prize. Watch to know the feelings of the winner by the end, which are far from positive.
7. The Gambler 1974 Sports betting This is a story about problem gambling. The main character is deep in debt and tries to return the money by betting on basketball. With every stake, he gets deeper and deeper into troubles. The man lost all the excitement and can’t feel satisfaction from his betting activity.

Casino games have always been an important issue for society. Movies of various years can prove this fact. Choose the best films, which might not just guarantee you a wonderful pastime but also teach you how to enjoy gambling and avoid serious problems (both financial and psychological). Choose one of the described movies or add new ones to your list of the legendary gambling films.

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