When it comes to gaming, your first thought may well be of PCs or gaming consoles, like the PS 5 or Xbox. While PCs and consoles are still immensely popular, they’ve recently been overtaken as the humble smartphone has become the leading gaming device.

Yes, smartphones are now the leaders of the pack when it comes to the gaming industry. Read on to learn just how mobile gaming has become the world’s most popular sector and discover the exciting world of mobile gaming for yourself.

Never Mind Consoles; the Smartphone is King 

Ten years ago, mobile gaming was still very much a niche sector. While gamers were certainly enjoying playing hypercasual games on their daily commute, mobile was hardly the groundbreaking sector that it is today. In fact, mobile gaming contributed to less than 20% of the total revenues generated by the gaming industry in 2012 – paling in comparison to the 82% generated by PC and consoles combined.

Within a few years, however, the story changed. Thanks in no small part to major developments like the global release of the monster-hit Pokémon Go gaming app in 2018, mobile overtook both PC and console gaming as the most lucrative segment.

In the years since, mobile gaming has achieved unprecedented heights, and mobile gaming apps are the most popular in leading app stores. Over 7000 adults in the US alone use their smartphones to play games on a regular basis, according to Statista, and, once again, mobile is the top-performing segment of the gaming industry as a whole. Newzoo reported that mobile contributed to 52% of the global gaming market in 2021.

Why Now Is the Time to Get Involved  

One of the biggest advantages of mobile gaming is the sheer number of gaming apps that are available. Whatever you’re passionate about or whatever you find entertaining, you’re sure to uncover a multitude of gaming apps that will be right up your street. You can play poker mobile apps if you’re a fan of the classic card game or even take part in mobile battle royale tournaments in games like PUBG Mobile.

It’s also much more convenient to take your phone out of your pocket to access the latest games than to boot up a PC or get your console online. You don’t need any additional equipment, and you don’t even need to invest in a dedicated gaming phone; the same smartphone you use every day can unlock a universe of entertainment. Plus, 4G and 5G tech make gaming on the go as easy as checking your emails or browsing social media.

Furthermore, the mobile segment, like every other segment in the gaming industry, doesn’t stand still. It’s constantly evolving, with app developers and smartphone manufacturers pushing the limits of the medium to continually deliver new and engaging gaming experiences. Take the emergence of console-quality mobile games such as Apex Legends Mobile, for instance.

If existing AAA games don’t convince you to join the mobile revolution, maybe the news that someday soon you could access PlayStation games on the go will. This autumn, Sony announced its newly created PlayStation Studios Mobile Division, which will focus entirely on developing new “innovative, on-the-go experiences”.


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