Breed fell in detail.  The creators say that the game is significantly different from the NiOh . series

Koei Tecmo has assembled a team of experienced developers who have been tasked with developing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. The creators of the NiOh and Bloodborne series are responsible for the new IP, so although many players will compare production with said titles, the developers decided to clarify that the new position differs in many respects from the aforementioned games.

The trailer for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty showed off some gameplay footage and NiOh series comparisons popped up right away. The IGN editorial team had the opportunity to speak with the developers, who explained that the latest production is significantly different from previously implemented projects.

Confirmed by Fumihiko Yasuda (Producer) and Masaki Yamagiwa (Development Producer) The new production is set in China, the first big difference in the NiOh series:

“By setting the action in China, we were able to create locations on a much larger scale than in Nioh, which was located in Japan. Even something like the castle is much larger than before and the exploration has become more vertical as the player character in Wo Long can jump” Yasuda said,

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty we will easily jump, which we can see on today’s material, but we will also notice the differences in the duels themselves, because The last game will mainly provide us with Chinese martial arts – the authors previously relied on the skills of ninja duels and a samurai sword:

“In terms of gameplay, the biggest difference is the focus on speed. There is no gauge for your stamina in Nioh, so you will constantly encounter a lot of situations where you need to react right away. You can choose a more aggressive game, but there are also many ways to avoid enemy attacks,” Yasuda continues.

The Japanese emphasized that the lack of an endurance bar is related to the Chinese martial art, which is more dynamic. The moves of real warriors will appear in the game, a In production alone, we can find more than 10 types of weapons.

An important system in Wo Long: the fallen dynasty is “morale”, Because if the opponent has a higher level than our hero, it will be difficult to defeat him. However, the protagonist can raise his “level” by defeating other competitors – but death will cause degeneration.

“New spells will be unlocked upon reaching a higher rank that work like magic spells. Divine beasts can be summoned to help you in battle. In the trailer, you can see a summoned scarlet bird, which is one of the legendary Chinese beasts. As the story progresses, you will become friends with more,” said Yamagiwa. of these divine beasts.”

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