Captain America 4 with a new logo.  The graphics showcase the powerful hero fans have come to expect.  marvel.  MCU.

Captain America 4 was originally scheduled to premiere this summer, but the film's spot was taken by Deadpool 3, which just received its first trailer. There have been a lot of rumors recently about the new installment of Sam Wilson's adventures, including the removal of a group of villains from the film's intro. At the end of January, the first promotional image of Captain America's new look appeared on the Internet Now there are images showing the new production logo.

Captain America 4 – The new movie logo reveals the Red Hulk

In addition to the inscription containing the full title of Captain America 4, we can see the same logo on the jacket, which probably belongs to one of the team members. It shows a large red hand holding a shield belonging to the title character. The hand belongs to the Red Hulk, namely General Thaddeus Ross, played by Harrison Ford. Thus, we have confirmation of previous reports that another character who was irradiated with a gamma compound will appear in the MCU.

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The film is directed by Julius Oña, creator of The Cloverfield Paradox and Luce. The cast includes: Anthony Mackie (Captain America), Danny Ramirez (Falcon), Harrison Ford (Thaddeus Ross), Carl Lumbly (Isaiah Bradley), Tim Blake Nelson (Samuel Sterns), Shira Haas (Sabra), Liv Tyler (Betty Ross). ). ) and Zosha Roquemore.

I remember that The release of Captain America: Brave New World has been postponed to February 14, 2025.

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