Campaign to find Paul McCartney’s “treasure”, lost 50 years ago

Paul McCartney played some of the Beatles’ biggest hits with a bass he bought in Hamburg in 1961. More than 50 years after his disappearance, a major campaign has been launched in hopes of finding this “treasure” of music.

“Love Me Too”, “She Loves You” and “Twist and Shout”, the instrumental was bought for 30 pounds sterling.

He played with it during the first recordings in Hamburg, Liverpool and London’s legendary studio Abbey Road.

In January 1969, while the Beatles were in London specifically to record “Get Back”, the guitar went missing.

Nick Wass, who works for bass brand Hafner, and journalists Scott and Naomi Jones have launched a campaign called The Last Bass Project. .

Nick Wass told several British media outlets that Paul McCartney told him about the bass guitar during a recent conversation. This is how the campaign started.

“The Last Boss”

“It was very important to him (Paul McCartney) to redo this guitar because it was the first guitar,” said Scott Jones. She may be in the arms of someone who holds her “innocently,” “without realizing what she has.”

“This is the most important bass search in history. (…) And we need your help to track him down,” they write on a website launched for the project.

For those who believe that this is an impossible task, they recall that in 1963, John Lennon lost his Gibson, but it reappeared 51 years later and was sold at auction for 2.4 million dollars (2.2 million euros).

Twenty-four hours after the project launched on Saturday, Scott Jones said he received hundreds of emails, including two interesting leads.

A few options for people who want to take part in the research: It’s a left-handed bass, with a three-part “sunburst” finish and two pickups mounted on a solid block of black wood.

If the “Lost Pass” campaign finds the instrument, it will be returned to Paul McCartney, organizers have promised.

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