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PRO8L3M’s long-awaited album – “PROXL3M” – is now available! The duo’s anniversary material is a unique album in their discography. Although it covers topics well known from previous editions, its conceptual approach is achieved on two levels.

On the one hand, it is the story of a hero entangled in a web of events that lead to his downfall. On the other hand, “PROXL3M” is a treat for people who have been loyal to the band for years and know the band’s discography by heart. After all, only they will know why PRO8L3Mu’s contract is counted from 2013. Here they will find references to many moments in the band’s history, not only in the lyrics, but also in the samples, the sound of the singles and even in the flow. Musically, the album references more pre-pandemic parties on Forum Hotel carpets, where you can hear club breakups, than its overall rap trends, and thanks to Oskar’s broad openness to vocals, Artbrut’s inspirations go beyond samples. The result is a unique contrast between the futuristic sounds and the poetic traditions of Polish pop music.

Although PRO8L3M is usually written about in cinematic terms, this time the theatrical metaphors may be more accurate. “PROXL3M” is closer to an ancient tragedy, with inevitable doom hanging over the hero. Although the story begins on a high note (“Yokohama”), the first half of the album, apart from various boasts, descriptions of scenes of violence and criminal activities or fleeting or failed relationships, also sets a broad context, showing the material and the social conditions in which it persists. Brutal individualism and alcohol rituals (“Anyone But Me”, “S-Class”).

The entire album is tied together by references to sin, basically from the first sample to the last sample. In addition, the story of the album’s hero is intertwined with seven short songs called the Seven Deadly Sins, which show us his path. Beatings, robberies, drug dealers, brothels, a friend sold. It leads to the moment when reflection finally comes and a failed attempt to change the course of fate. When words are uttered at one of the album’s climaxes about the source of faith (“pseudoscience”), the question arises as to whether the hero’s story could have ended differently at all. But the ending (“We made it”) indicates that the original meaning of the word sin is misunderstanding. But was there another way possible?

Tracking list

  1. IGO, Caska Sochaka, Mrozo, Artur Rogic, Brodka, Ralf Kaminski, Beddos 2115, Sokol – A completely new fairy tale
  2. Konrad Rybinski – Albert’s Journey
  3. Sana – I am your fairy tale
  4. Marisa – We are not afraid of wolves
  5. Klix – Welcome to Nasza Pajka
  6. Klix – in the Bergamot Islands
  7. Anya Crown – What If?
  8. Prisca – Escape to Mars
  9. Paula Biskup – The Forgotten Fairy Tale
  10. Zuza Jablonska – Another World
  11. What is this place? (useful)
  12. Land of Fairy Tale Gates (Instrumental)
  13. Disharmony (useful)
  14. I want to tell you something, Ada (singer)
  15. The beginning of the adventure of a lifetime (useful)
  16. This is for you, Daddy (singer)
  17. Ptak Matthews (instrumentalist)
  18. The most beautiful (useful) spell
  19. How do traps know about this (useful)
  20. Only we can survive this unnecessary war (useful)

The more reflective second half of the album is a big change in style, a slower tempo and some of the catchiest songs in PRO8L3Mu’s accomplishments. Although still strongly electronic, often with a lurid tinge, the irony and sheer bitterness bring the contrast between the two novels to a halt (“Mayday”). “I Was a Man” fully realizes the potential of a great sample, Bagmu’s “Lake of Happiness,” and from below, it brings us into the realm of metaphysical musings on existence and leads to the cathartic finale, the eternally sultry “Game,” which serves as the clincher for the entire album. At the same time, a philosophical synthesis of our existence on Earth, performed by Oscar.

“PROXL3M” is now available on all streaming services. The physical version of the album is available on pro8l3m.pl. The PRO8L3M EXPERI3NCE exhibition will open at the Smelting Museum at the end of the week, and then a concert tour will begin in the largest Polish cities, which will continue until spring 2024. Tickets for both the exhibition and the concerts are sold out.

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