June 9, 2023


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Breakup for Manon LeBlanc |  7 days

Breakup for Manon LeBlanc | 7 days

Her daughter Bianca, 31, who works in human resources, looked like two drops of water, and Manon LeBlanc took part in the 5 to 7 organized by Sonia Gagnon, an art company. is a part of The designer, who has been single for a few months, will spend the holidays with her daughter in the south.

Dominic Coyne

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“I had a boyfriend, but we left each other this summer, just before the construction holidays. Sometimes I say that my son follows me (Dimitri died accidentally of a heart problem in February 2021), because when I broke up, surprisingly, I had a lot of things to do. , and lots of friends who gave me activities. In the end, I had a great vacation.

On the professional side, even though the presenter has decided to take a break from television, she is not unemployed for all that. “I do a lot of interventions on my social networks. I have a good community that follows me. I do interior design full time. I have launched a collection of products, including wallpaper, which is very popular.” She specifically collaborates as a kitchen designer with the Tendances concept Montreal store and has her own online store (manonleblancmaison.com), in addition to giving lectures on decorative trends.

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