“Love Is in the Grass” A Stalker?: A Productive Reaction

Production Love is in the meadow He took to his social media on Tuesday evening to defend himself against allegations against one of the keen suitors who will be seen at the start of the next season, which starts on January 12.

One of Anne-Sophie’s five interested suitors recalled reading comments related to Maxim, recalling that the production “was particularly attentive to the well-being of all participants.”

“Know that all contestants and contestants on the series are subject to a rigorous vetting process. […] Most of the shooting has been completed and everything has been done in a respectable manner. Inappropriate behavior under any circumstances will not be tolerated by the product,” the product said on its Facebook page.

  • Listen to the news briefing with Alexandre Moranville via QUB-Radio :


Tuesday evening, after the release of contestants Speed ​​dating Along with the peasants, many women shared their experience with a man named Maxim. A woman says that if she had seen him once, he would have tormented her for two years. After rejecting his advances on social media, several women claimed he borrowed new identities to maintain contact with them. Another says that he would have found a Cancer to approach, and that he was fickle and tormented.

Let’s remember what happened last October Double Occupancy Martinique The threats made by the three participants sparked controversy for airing the footage. Public pressure forced the Noovo team andDual career Producer Julie Snyder had to issue a public apology to withdraw the problematic candidates from the adventure. Many partners have left the show after taking a stand against bullying.

At press time, the product did not respond to an interview request Register.

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