Box Office USA: The Super Mario Bros. Movie.  Breaks Frozen II’s record
In a post-pandemic reality, it’s become the norm that even movies with a great opening record drop dramatically during their second weekend. But there are exceptions to every rule. The exception is animation The Super Mario Bros. movie..

Despite its widely glutted premieres, Universal’s latest hit shows no sign of fading. Its decline was only 41%, which means that during its second weekend it took in $87 million. If this result is confirmed, then The Super Mario Bros. movie will smash. Film broke the record for best animation achievement during its second weekendto which it belongs “Frozen II” It amounts to 85.9 million US dollars.

The first premiere of the year is also the “Super Mario Bros. Movie”, which has grossed more than $ 300 million in US cinemas. By the end of next week, the animation should eclipse Universal studio’s best result last year — $376.9 million (“Jurassic World: Dominion”).

Movies of 2023 with revenues of more than $100 million

# Title earned in total
in public The number of cinemas the first show VOD budget
1 Super Mario Bros. film $347.8 $146.4 USD 4,371 5.04 unavailable $100 dollars
2 Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Obsession $212.9 $106.1 4,345 17.02 18.04 $ 200
3 John Wick 4 $160.1 $73.8 3,855 24.03 unavailable $100 dollars
4 Creed III $154.2 $58.4 4,007 3.03 31.03 $75
5 Yelp VI $106.8 $44.4 3,676 10.03 25.04 $35

Of all the remakes, Russell Crowe’s horror was unexpectedly the best “The Exorcist Pope”. Prior to its release, it was expected to open in the $5-7 million range. Meanwhile, current estimates put it at $9.2 million. However, this is still a worse outcome than almost all of the takeover horror stories in recent years. Only last year was worse “The Exorcism of Sister Ann” ($7.1 million).

Meanwhile, Hollywood’s renewed love for Nicolas Cage still doesn’t translate into crowds in movie theaters. After the comedy scored poorly at the box office “Great talent, unbearable burden” The comedy horror is equally disappointing Renfield. Most projections point to at least $10 million to open. In fact, the movie only managed to collect $7.8 million. At the moment, he gives the fourth place, but after the final calculation of the effects, it may turn out that he lost “air”.

The third novelty, Japanese animation, landed in seventh place “Suzuma”. The film grossed $4.8-5.0 million upon its opening. Makoto Shinkai is not among the box office directors in America. for him “your name” Grosing $5 million (opening at $1.6 million), A.J “weather with you” 8 million (at opening 1.8 million), so “Suzuma” It is a great success from this perspective. However, compared to the achievements of other Japanese animation, this is a poor result. Until a few weeks ago Demon Slayer: To the Swordsmith Village He was able to get 10.1 million dollars, although it is not a real movie, but a compilation of several episodes of the series.

Another novelty was the eighth rank. It is a comedy about the Italian mafia mafia mama Catherine Hardwicke. Unfortunately, the film did not find viewers and made $2 million. In Hardwicke’s directorial career, none of her wide release films have opened to less than $5 million. “Kings of Dogtown”).

Horror also debuted in the top ten “outrageous”. This is the second directorial work of the screenwriters of Christian blockbusters, incl “God is not dead”. However, this film would not repeat the success, as it grossed $1.3 million upon its opening.

Meanwhile, it was off to a great start in four cinemas “because he’s afraid”. The average per theater was 80,000 dollars. What is it Best result this year And the second best level since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic ($ 86.3 thousand each “licorice pizza”).

US box office April 14-16

# Title It happened over the weekend earned in total a week on screen Cinema
1 Super Mario Bros. film $87.0 $347.82 2 4371
2 Exorcist Pope $9.15 $9.15 1 3178
3 John Wick 4 $7.93 $160.11 4 3033
4 Renfield $7.77 $7.77 1 3375
5 air $7.72 $33.28 2 3507
6 Dungeons & Dragons: Thief’s Honor $7.35 $74.07 3 3324
7 Suzume $5.0 $5.0 1 2170
8 mafia mama $2.04 $2.04 1 2002
9 Yelp VI $1.46 $106.79 6 1288
10 outrageous $1.33 $1.33 1 933

“because he’s afraid” It will be widely distributed next Friday. He will have to fight for the viewer with three new things: horror “The Evil Dead: Awakening”Biography of Composer Joseph Bologna “chevalier” And a war movie “Testament Guy Ritchie”.

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