March 24, 2023


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Jeff Bridges: "rak jest w remisji". Aktor zdradził też, że miał koronawirusa

Jeff Bridges: Cancer is in remission. The actor also revealed that he was infected with the Corona virus

The legendary actor reported a few months ago that he had cancer. Fortunately, the cancer is in remission and Bridges is feeling better. Even despite being infected with the Corona virus.

Jeff Bridges talks about his health

fans Jeff Bridges They held their breath for a moment. The actor confirmed on his social media that he had cancer in particular Lymphoma. Fortunately, Bridges recently confirmed that the cancer is now in remission. Gwiazdor shared information about his health on your website.

Unfortunately, not everything is so colorful – during chemotherapy, Bridges contracted coronavirus in his clinic. Luckily “His tumor, a circumference of 9 by 12 inches, had shrunk to the size of a pebble.”

As mentioned, Jeff Bridges was injured “In a place where there is chemistry for his cancer.” He added that it was not easy:

The covid virus hit my ass really hard, but I got a double vaccinated and I feel so much better. I’ve heard that these vaccines help really well, and I can tell you that they do.

Jeff Bridges has cancer.  The actor reported his feelings

In the end, the actor bragged about it His daughter Hayley recently married. Bridges was so happy to be able to celebrate this sweet event with her:

Not only did I lead her to the altar, I also danced with her without an oxygen mask!

Entire update Jeff Bridges You can read below:

Jeff Bridges has cancer.  movie star "big lipowski" I "Iron Man" Diagnosis confirmed

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