The financial system worldwide has undergone massive changes in the last few years. From stock investment, intra-day trading, and crypto trading to forex trading, all these sectors have seen an enormous surge in active participation by ordinary folks. One of the primary reasons behind this financial phenomenon is the advancement of media tools such as movies, books, web series, and social media platforms.

If we talk about forex trading, it is the exchange of one currency for another for the means of making a commission over the difference in buying and selling prices.

Due to access to almost every kind of information at your fingertips, one can quickly start forex trading without any background knowledge. The main credit behind this scenario goes to movies and books on forex trading. These movies and books provide the audience with basic information about the mechanics of forex trading.

Some popular forex trading movies are Million Dollar Trader, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, The Big Short, and Wall Street Warriors. Some top forex trading books are Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John J. Murphy, The Alchemy of Finance by George Soros, Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager, and Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. This article will discuss the top books and movies based on forex trading.

The Reel World of Forex Trading

The forex market, also known as the foreign exchange market, is an over-the-counter marketplace with a worldwide presence; it determines the exchange price of currencies worldwide. With the help of forex trading brokers, traders can buy, sell, or exchange these currencies against one another to earn a commission. The forex trading market comprises banks, companies, dealers, investors, hedge funds, central banks, and multiple other significant financial units.

The forex market is sometimes also called the FX market, and it was established to bring a stable structure to the massive global economy. It is the largest financial market in the world at the moment. The worldwide network of the forex market remains active 24 hours per day and closes only on the weekend. One of the basic rules of the FX market is that the currencies are always bought, and sold in pairs, which means one currency’s value is relative to another’s value. It enhances the liquidity factor of all the other financial markets, ultimately bringing overall stability.

Movie List That Inspires

Here is a list of some of the top forex trading movies that have inspired generations of forex traders and will continue to do so.

1. Wolf of the Wall Street

This movie is based on the life story of a stockbroker in New York, Jordan Belford. It is a core finance movie, but it contains a lot of swearing and adult stuff. The movie shows how Jordan earned millions by trading and went from an average wall street broker to one of the behemoths in the trading world.

2. The Big Short

The protagonist in this financially inspired movie identifies a trading situation where he bets against the housing market. He bet over $1 billion of his client’s money into credit default swaps, bringing him to some criminal-minded opportunists’ attention. All these men together earn a huge amount of money by taking advantage of the looming economic depression in America. This movie teaches that a simple strategy followed with discipline is enough for profitable trading.

3. Wall Street I

Here is a must-watch movie for trading enthusiasts. It is a film about a young stockbroker who gets involved with a ruthless corporate raider. The film is considered a classic in the wall street niche. It teaches many trading lessons on critical human emotions such as corruption, greed, and the severe consequences of ambitions. The film has a memorable line, “Greed is Good.”

4. Rogue Trader

A highly informative movie for forex traders that teaches one about the severe financial consequences of not cutting losses quickly. It is the top forex trading drama for beginners featuring a highly ambitious forex broker who bankrupted the significant banks of Britain single-handedly.

5. Inside Job

It is a masterpiece movie with narration given by Matt Damon. This documentary throws light on the incidents that led to the financial crisis of 2008. It was the worst recession after the Great Depression, costing over $20 trillion.

Best Forex Trading Books

We have compiled a list of some top forex trading books that will help one enhance trading skills.

1. The Black Book of Forex Trading by Paul Langer

In this book, a veteran forex trader, Lang, brings his experience, including failures. The book is written in a simplified way to train beginner and intermediate traders to be successful in the world of currency trading.

2. The Simple Strategy by Markus Heitkoetter

If someone is looking forward to learning the techniques to place successful trades in futures, ETF, share market, and forex, it is the best book for them. The book provides traders with information about specific rules and indicators that will let them set their exit and entry points appropriately.

3. Forex – 3 Manuscripts by Matthew Maybury

This book has one of the most engaging readings regarding the forex market. It focuses significantly on two things, tried & tested tactics to earn profits and minimize risks and a beginner’s guide to forex trading.

4. The Forex Trading Money Management System by Don Guy

This book will teach you the fundamental theories of the forex market by using a reversal strategy known as Roulette Trader Money Management. It suggests multiple ways to manage the currencies to gain heavy returns.

5. How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange by Courtney Smith

This book comprehensively introduces the forex world and explains in detail the trading system. The book teaches one how to earn good profit that can lead to a steady income.

How Forex Trading Books Inspire Traders

One of the best ways to learn the technicalities of the forex market trade enthusiasts is to read the forex trading books written by the veterans and experts of this industry. Some significant ways the forex trading books inspire traders are mentioned ahead.

  • Clear the Basics of the Forex Market: The concept of buying and selling currencies is highly confusing for beginners. With the help of books, one can get proper guidance to get the right start to their forex careers.
  • Understand the Market Trends: The best time to execute the trades is something that you will learn by reading the books. Identifying the new market trend and taking advantage is the central aspect of any training.
  • Avoid the Common Mistakes: The best way to avoid common mistakes is to learn from the life lessons of others who have walked the same path. The books are written by the experts of the forex world who have learned to trade the hard way, but by reading their books, one can avoid making the same mistakes.
  • Avoid the Scams: Like other trading industries, the forex industry also has scams. In the books, you will find preventive tips from the experts of the forex world. These tips will let you avoid scammers and other nefarious elements.
  • Motivation:No matter your experience, a time may come when you may get depressed regarding your involvement with the forex market. With books, you may find the best way to bounce back, and if you need to start from scratch, the books will provide you with significant help.

Top Forex Trading Tools

The forex market is governed by a separate set of rules which are highly confusing for new entrants. However, understanding the top forex tools like the forex signals service can improve one’s chances of being a successful forex trader. The tools help the traders gain a clear picture of the pros and cons associated with the forex marketing tools. So, here is a list of top forex trading tools that one must use to execute successful trades.

  • Trading Platforms: One foremost requirement of a forex trader is to get an advanced trading platform. The trading platform is necessary because it lets a trader invest in the forex market easily and provides multiple features to analyze the market in live mode.
  • Economic Calendar: An economic calendar is necessary because it provides traders with complete information about the time and date of critical economic incidents that can create fluctuations in their targeted currency pairs.
  • Live Forex News : Live news is another excellent forex trading tool that helps traders get real-time insights and reports from Bloomberg, Forex Factory, Reuters, etc.
  • Technical Analysis Tool: This forex signals provider enhances the trading opportunities for the traders by allowing them to identify the forex trading options without being in touch with the latest market news. Forex traders must have a keen eye to understand the patterns to generate reliable trading signals.
  • Charting Software Tools: The forex chart tool is one of the most crucial things one will need while investing in forex markets. The charting tool plays a vital role in tracking the performance of the forex market. It also enables one to predict future fluctuations in the price of a currency pair.

How Forex Trading Tools Inspire Traders

As already discussed above, forex trading is a complicated profession. Still, with the help of advanced trading tools provided by the forex trading brokers can set traders psychology and become successful in this field.

Here are some of how tools can inspire you to make good trading decisions:-

  • With the forex trading tools, one can simplify executing trades and collecting the winnings.
  • The forex trading tools also help provide real-time insights into the FX market.
  • With the forex trading tools, one can keep themselves updated about the recent happenings of the finance world.
  • The tools are also helpful in the identification of opportunities.


Therefore, books and movies play an essential role in inspiring the journey of a forex investment trader. By taking inspiration, tips, and life lessons from the reel world of the forex industry, one can have enough insights to establish themselves in this unpredictable world with certainty.

Although FX trading offers numerous opportunities to make money, it is advisable that before investing in the forex market, do your homework. The trading enthusiasts looking forward to starting their FX trading journey must review this entire article to get valuable insights about some top movies and books based on the forex industry.


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