Blik crash has been removed.  “We have restored order”

“We have restored the operation of the Blik mobile payment system, and users will not have any problems completing transactions,” Blik operator, Polski Standard Płatności (PSP), said in information posted on social media.

“Users whose transactions are approved and funds are blocked on the account should receive a refund. If this does not happen within 48 hours, we recommend contacting their bank, the publisher of the mobile app from which the payment was made,” she added.

Blake failed

According to information available on the Downdetector website, which collects information about problems sent by Internet users, the malfunction began on Wednesday before noon. That's when the number of reports of disturbances began to increase.

“We have noticed temporary problems with the execution of the transaction,” PSP representatives said. They added that the operator is working “intensively” to ensure the service runs without interruption.

Banks have also reported potential issues with payments using Blik.

What is Blake?

Payment using the Blik system involves generating one-time 6-digit codes, which are valid for a limited time. These codes are entered into the payment terminal and on the basis of them the transaction is approved by the bank. Blik contactless payments are also available. According to this method, after unlocking, you just need to bring your phone closer to the payment terminal.

As part of the Blik system, we can also send money to a phone number. To receive a transfer on your phone, you must have a banking app and a phone registered with the Blik service.

The operator of the Blik mobile payment system is Polski Standard Płatności.

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