Blade without exit.  The shooting was due to start within a month
Filming for the long-announced reboot of “Blade” was scheduled to begin in November in Atlanta. But it looks like Marvel’s management will have to review their plans as Bassam Tarek has left the director’s position.

Bassam Tarek and Marvel say goodbye

The studio released an official statement saying: Due to constant changes to our production schedule, Bassam is no longer the director of Blade. However, he will remain the executive producer of the film. We appreciate Bassam’s talent and all the work he did to get “Blade” in its place.

Getty Images © Matthias Narek

Tariq adds: It is such an honor to work with the wonderful people of Marvel. We managed to assemble a killer crew and crew. I would like to see what the next director did with the film.

We would like to remind you that the starring role in the new part of “Blade” will be played by two-time Oscar winner Mahershal Ali (“Green Book”, “Moonlight”). It will be partnered with Aaron Pierre and Delroy Lindo. The author of the latest version of the script is Beau DeMayo (“The Witcher”, “Moon Knight”).

The movie is scheduled to premiere on November 3, 2023.

Who is Blade?

Blade first appeared in his 1973 comic book edition of Dracula’s Tomb Number 10. It quickly became a favorite among readers. The protagonist is a hybrid of a human and a vampire, because his mother was bitten and killed by a vampire during childbirth. Blade serves people and fights vampires, while his guardian is an ancient scientist – the master of secret knowledge.

Wesley Snipes played the character of Blade on the big screen, playing his role in three films: “Blade – Eternal Hunter” (1998), “Blade: Eternal Hunter II” (2002) and “Blade: The Dark Trinity” (2004)) .

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